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Lacrosse Helmet Safety Standards: A Parent's Guide

Lacrosse Helmet Safety Standards: A Parent's Guide

A lacrosse helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport of lacrosse. Helmets are crucial for keeping us as safe as possible from serious head injuries and concussions.

At, we have a comprehensive range of high-quality lacrosse helmets available. In this blog update, we will be exploring everything you need to know about lacrosse helmets to help keep your child safe when playing lacrosse.

Understanding Lacrosse Helmet Safety Standards

Lacrosse helmets must adhere to standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), which provide benchmarks for protection and quality. NOCSAE develops performance standards for protective equipment in various sports, ensuring that lacrosse helmets can withstand high-impact forces and offer maximum protection.

Key Features of a Safe Lacrosse Helmet

High-quality helmets, like the lacrosse helmets offered by, feature adequate padding, a snug yet comfortable fit, and sufficient ventilation so you don’t get too hot. For example, Cascade lacrosse helmets, available on, are designed with superior protection for the face, head, and neck. Made with high-quality materials, these helmets are built to reduce the impact of balls and prevent potential neck or head injuries.

The Importance of Proper Helmet Fitting

Ensuring a proper helmet fit is crucial for optimal protection. offers a range of helmets, like those from Cascade, Warrior, or STX, each designed for a proper fit and protection. Many of our Cascade lacrosse helmets are One Size Fits Most.

Maintaining Helmet Safety

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of helmets are key to safety when playing lacrosse. provides a variety of helmets that meet these maintenance needs and we also offer fast shipping so you can get your new lacrosse helmet just in time.

Choosing the Right Lacrosse Helmet

Selecting the right helmet involves considering the player's age, level of play, and personal preferences.’s diverse range of helmets, like those from Cascade, are designed with every detail in mind, ensuring the perfect fit and protection for every type of lacrosse player.

The Impact of Helmet Safety: Recent Research Insights

Recent studies show just how important lacrosse helmets are for safety when playing lacrosse. For instance, a study by University of Florida Health researchers found that female high school lacrosse players are significantly less likely to sustain concussions and other injuries if they wear headgear. In states without a headgear mandate, the concussion rate was 59% higher than in Florida, where headgear is required. Most concussions (53%) in the sport were caused by contact with a stick or ball, showing just how important lacrosse helmets are.

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Are you looking for the perfect lacrosse helmet to help keep your child safe? Shop our range of lacrosse helmets online now with, your trusted online store for high-quality lacrosse gear.

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