Payment Information

How can I pay for my order? accepts all of the following as payment for any of our products:
All Domestic Credit Cards to include American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa. also accepts Paypal, Certified Funds, and School Checks. does not accept International Credit Cards nor any type of Gift card.

Does accept Purchase Orders (PO)?

In order for us to keep our prices low, Purchase Orders (PO) are not accepted at You can either pay for your order by School Check, Certified Funds, Credit Card or Paypal.

Can I mail in a check to pay for my order?

In order to keep our inventory accurate and our costs low, personal checks are not accepted at You can either pay for your order by Credit Card or Paypal. For Team orders, we will accept School or Organizational checks. Those orders need to be placed with the Team Sales Department at

What happens when my credit/gift card is denied?

For your protection, requires an Address Verification (AVS) for all orders in our system. This requires the bill to address, zip code and credit card CID number all match in order to approve the order. If your card is denied it may not mean that you do not have the funds, instead it may be because the address or card code do not match or that your bank does not provide that information (e.g. most non-US credit/debit cards and gift cards). Your credit card company or bank will still have the funds in reserve. Once your credit card company or bank sees that we did not “capture” the funds, they will release the Pending/Holding status on those funds. This usually occurs automatically after 3-5 business days. So just make sure to use a valid US issued credit/debit card and that all the bill-to information matches what your card company or bank has on file.

Why was my credit card/debit card denied?

Your credit card/debit card may have been denied for one or more of the following reason:

  • Insufficient funds.
  • Incorrect card number, expiration date or CID number.
  • The Bill To name and address does not match up with the bill to name and address that the credit card company or bank has on file for the bill to name and address.
  • The credit card company or bank does not provide address verification information (Most International credit card companies or banks do not provide that information – That is why our system does not accept International credit cards).

For whatever reason your credit/debit card was denied you may want to:

  • Try a different credit/debit card.
  • Pay for your order via Paypal
  • Send in Certified Funds

When will I be charged for my order?

Any order that comes out of the warehouse will be billed the same day that the order is shipped. Any order that is shipped out of the manufacturer's warehouses will be billed the same day that the order is sent over to the manufacturer.

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