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DIY Lacrosse Drills: Keeping Your Skills Sharp During the Off-Season

DIY Lacrosse Drills: Keeping Your Skills Sharp During the Off-Season

Lacrosse may be a team sport, but the off-season is a perfect time to hone your individual skills. Whether you're aiming to perfect your shot, work on your agility, or improve your passing accuracy, there are plenty of DIY drills you can do at home. 

In this latest update from, your online lacrosse store, we will be covering some essential drills and the lacrosse training equipment you'll need to keep your skills sharp all year round.

Essential Lacrosse Training Equipment

Before jumping into the drills, it’s important to have the right gear. Here’s a quick rundown of must-have lacrosse equipment for off-season training:

Now that we have covered the essential lacrosse training equipment, let’s take a closer look at some lacrosse drills you can do during the off-season.

Shooting Drills

Corner Shots

Set up your backyard lacrosse goal and attach goal targets in the four corners. Spend time each day aiming for these targets. This drill helps you focus on accuracy and control. Start with stationary shots and then progress to shooting on the run.

Rapid Fire

Stand about 10 yards from your goal and set a timer for one minute. Shoot as many balls as you can, aiming for different parts of the goal. This drill improves your quickness and stamina while keeping your shots varied and unpredictable.


Passing and Catching Drills

Wall Ball

If you don’t have a partner, a rebounder or bounce back is a great substitute. Stand a few feet away and practice throwing and catching the ball. Work on using both hands and aim for consistency. Start with simple throws and progress to more complex movements like behind-the-back passes.

One-Handed Catching

This drill focuses on your ability to control the stick and ball with one hand. Alternate between your dominant and non-dominant hand to improve overall dexterity. Use a rebounder or a wall and try to catch and throw with one hand. This will significantly boost your hand-eye coordination and stick handling skills.


Footwork Drills

Agility Ladder

Lay an agility ladder on the ground and work through different footwork patterns like high knees, side steps, and in-and-outs. Footwork is crucial for dodging defenders and maintaining balance on the field.

Cone Drills

Set up cones in various patterns and practice dodging through them as if they were defenders. Combine this with shooting or passing at the end of the drill to simulate game scenarios. This not only improves your footwork but also helps with decision-making under pressure.

Conditioning & Fitness

Sprint Intervals

Lacrosse requires quick bursts of speed. Set up a series of sprints, varying the distance each time. Mix in some jogging and walking intervals to mimic the stop-and-go nature of the game. This will help maintain your cardiovascular fitness and improve your speed.

Putting It All Together

Create a weekly training routine that combines these lacrosse drills, ensuring you’re working on all aspects of your game. Mix up the drills to keep your training sessions interesting and challenging. Remember, consistency is key to improvement in lacrosse.

The off-season is your opportunity to focus on individual skills without the pressure of games and team practices. By incorporating these DIY lacrosse drills and using the right lacrosse equipment, you’ll be well-prepared to hit the field stronger and more skilled than ever.

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