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Pre-Season Training: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Back in Lacrosse Shape

Pre-Season Training: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Back in Lacrosse Shape

As the lacrosse season draws near, athletes everywhere are dusting off their gear and setting their sights on the field. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, pre-season training is a critical phase to ensure you're at your best when the first whistle blows. 

This guide from offers some tips to elevate your fitness, hone your lacrosse skills, and ensure you're equipped with the right lacrosse gear, all available at

Training Tips

First off, let’s explore some lacrosse training tips to help you get back into shape.


  1. Build a Solid Fitness Foundation

Before you dive into lacrosse-specific drills, focus on building your overall fitness. A mix of cardio exercises like running or cycling, strength training for both upper and lower body, and flexibility routines will lay a solid foundation. Remember, lacrosse demands endurance, power, and agility, so tailor your fitness routine to enhance these attributes.

  1. Stick Skills Drills

Sharpening your stick skills is essential. Spend time each day practicing passing, catching, and shooting, both stationary and on the move. Wall ball exercises are fantastic for improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time, crucial for both offensive and defensive plays.

  1. Implement Footwork and Agility Drills

Lacrosse requires quick, precise movements. Agility ladders, cone drills, and shuttle runs will improve your foot speed and coordination, enabling you to dodge opponents and defend more effectively.

  1. Play Small-Sided Games

There's no substitute for playing the game. Small-sided games with teammates or friends not only boost your physical condition but also improve your game IQ, teamwork, and decision-making under pressure.

Essential Lacrosse Training Equipment

To get the most out of your pre-season training, having the right equipment is non-negotiable. Here's a selection of essential training gear available at

Lacrosse Sticks

Choose from a wide range of high-quality lacrosse sticks for every position. Whether you're an attacker, midfielder, defender, or goalie, you'll find the perfect stick to enhance your game.

Lacrosse Training Aids

Invest in training aids like rebounders and goals to practice your shooting accuracy and reflexes. These tools are invaluable for both individual and team drills.

Protective Gear

Safety can't be overlooked during pre-season. Ensure you're well-equipped with helmets, gloves, and pads designed to protect without hindering your mobility on the field.

Get Lacrosse Equipment Online

Ready to kickstart your pre-season training? is your one-stop shop for all your lacrosse needs. From the latest sticks and protective gear to lacrosse training aids that can elevate your game, we've got everything you need to get back in lacrosse shape. Enjoy seamless shopping, competitive prices, and fast shipping directly to your door. Let gear you up for a successful lacrosse season ahead!

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