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Protecting the mouth and teeth is an important job. A quality mouthguard in there when you need it, a last line of defense, but critical for overall player protection. Proper protection only comes from having the right mouthguard, fitted correctly, that you’ll easily find right here.

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Women's Lacrosse Mouthguards

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No matter what sport you play your gear checklist will have mouthguard required. Even with a lacrosse helmet on it's an essential for the playing field. Protect your mouth with a sports mouthguard from SportStop.com. Comb through the variety of quality mouthguards to keep you protected on game day. These are designed to fit perfectly over your top teeth, you will not need a mouth piece for your bottom teeth.

Always think safety first when choosing any protective gear especially with a mouthguard or mouthpiece. The purpose of wearing a mouthguard is to reduce the chance of oral injury during game play especially in full contact sports, they are typically worn over teeth. Over the years the industry has adapted to provide a plethora of options and styles while not sacrificing the ultimate goal which is to protect your mouth. From different shapes and molds, to styles the increase comfort or even the newest FDA Approved SISU mouthguard that allows you to talk freely while still wearing, you can even remold numerous times!

Struggling to get your youth lacrosse player to keep their mouthpiece in? Look no further with flavored mouth guards from Shock Doctor, Nike and MoGo most styles are also available for Adults. Your player can also show off some style with fang mouth protector that give you the intimidating appearance during play. Various mouthpieces even come in muted colors, bright and other prints like USA Flag, Camo and many more all which aid in mouth injury prevention. Anything to match your style or your team.

Mouth guards are available in both strapped and strapless styles. Women’s Lacrosse players tend to choose strapless mouthguards because they do not play with helmets so the strap is uncomfortable and is inconvenient. Mouthguards with straps are common in Men’s Lacrosse to remain connected to their helmet, which is greatly beneficial for players who have a tendency to lose smaller pieces of equipment. If you are still on the fence there are a few models that provide you both options known as convertible mouthguard with an optional tether. Each sport and league have different requirements so it is ideal to make sure what they require prior to choosing your mouthguard.

We sell youth and adult-sized mouth guards for lacrosse players of all playing styles and abilities.

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Narrowing down the Right piece for You

We have discussed the various options like Youth, Adult, Styled, Flavored etc. You may find stock mouthguards which are sold as ready to wear. Commonly for a slightly more customized fit you should choose a “boil and bite” model, usually you would put the mouthpiece in hot water to be molded to your unique oral imprint and mouth structure.

Low Profile designs are a newer product that are modeled to fit more snugly to offer comfort and ease to communicate and breath while not sacrificing protection.

Lacrosse players wearing Braces can be a challenge for younger players but fortunately technology advancements have provided models and styles for braces mouth guards. Lacrosse Athletes with braces can comfortable use a mouthpiece to prevent dental injuries. So rest assured you will be protecting your teeth and braces with an array of options.

Lacrosse Players will notice models that have air flow or an air channel to ensure ease of breathing. Worried about Bacteria growth? Look for models treated with antimicrobial technology, not only will this help with nasty bacteria it also aids in cleaning. You will also be able to locate a case for your new piece of protective equipment that works great for virtually any model of your choosing.

We aren't your average sporting goods store, we specialize in Lacrosse as it is an underdog in the team sports world. While these may be universal to other sports we do our research on what products make sense to our players even something as simple as a mouth protector.

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