Women's Standard Field Lacrosse Heads

Finding the right Strung Lacrosse Head for you is easier than ever before. With a huge variety in brands, models, colors, and stringing options, your next favorite Women's Lacrosse Stick Head is right at your fingertips.

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Women's Standard Field Lacrosse Heads

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Girls Lacrosse Head is your next Game Changer

The number one women’s lacrosse head on the market for field players is the STX Crux 600. Next up would be theUnder Armour Glory. Nike Lunar Elite 2 lacrosse head has a narrow design for an advanced attacker who are looking for pinpoint accuracy. The best women’s lacrosse heads for defense is the STX Fortresslacrosse head and theSTX Exult for elite middies. All of the mentioned heads are ideal for High School or those heading their State Championship! Make your Head Coach proud with an elite level lacrosse head. Women’s Lacrosse keeps evolving, and their new pockets are amazing. Pairing it with elite level head you have a weapon even your assistant coach will want. The ball sits higher which makes cradling, catching and throwing smoother. If you are not using one of these new women’s lacrosse heads you could hinder your game. We also offer custom stringing servicesto give you the best pocket for your position. We string for players of all levels. Check out our New Launch II Pocket Joband for those ready to make the switch to Mesh we also have theECD Venom Mesh Stringing Job. If you are unsure which Head to get or Pocket to get strung give our Customer Support Team a call at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you into the right head for your needs and position. Don't forget your lacrosse shaftto go with that perfect head.