Women's Complete Youth Lacrosse Sticks

When just starting out, a standard Women's Lacrosse Stick can be too big for a young girl to handle properly. A wider head, and a shorter and thinner shaft are needed on kids' lacrosse sticks. That's why we offer a variety of Complete Girls' Youth Lacrosse Sticks from the best brands in the game.

Women's Complete Youth Lacrosse Sticks

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What is the Best Youth Lacrosse Stick?

Beginner sticks for the mini lacrosse player is available right here at SportStop.com. These sticks are smaller than your entry level complete lacrosse stick like the STX Lacrosse Exult 200 which comes with theirstarter kits. These come with soft mesh pocket along with a simplified stringing, the shaft and head are noticeably different. Lacrosse head is smaller and typically with a more flexible plastic. Lacrosse shaft is shorter and thinner than other aluminum alloy sticks on the market. While they may be far from regulation size they are ideal to get younger player comfortable with the sport. In regular game play women's lacrosse sticks have options that depend on the position like defense sticks for defense players and goalie sticks for lacrosse goalies. There are mini-stick options for these positions but they are novelty items and not designed for any actual game play.

Popular options for Youth Girls Lacrosse Sticks are:

STX Lilly Mesh Complete Youth Girl's Lacrosse Stick

Brine WARP Jr Complete Youth Girls Lacrosse Stick

Not sure what to get, contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you into the right stick for you. Orders placed by 3pm EST Monday-Friday offer same day shipping and orders over $49 Qualify for Free Standard Shipping. We want your experience to be ideal every time!

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