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Size Charts

Men’s Lacrosse Equipment Sizing


Lacrosse gloves are a very important piece of equipment. For kids just starting out, the lower-price gloves are fine to see if they really like the game or not. If they stick with it, upgrading the gloves is a great investment. The higher-end gloves offer more protection, flexibility, durability, and comfort, which leads to better play. There really is a difference between $50 and $150 gloves... it’s not just color and flash.

glove size chart

Arm Pads

There is a large variety of arm protection in the market. Each is designed to balance protection and mobility. Some players want a lot of protection and are willing to have a bit less comfort and mobility, others want to have minimal protection so they can have maximum mobility and comfort.

arm pads size chart

Shoulder Pads

Lacrosse shoulder pads vary in size and protection. Some players, such as defenders, want the pads to be as light and minimal as possible. Other players, such as aggressive attackmen, want as much protection as possible. Pads with more protection will be longer in the arms and will go down further on the chest and back.

shoulder pads size chart

Ribs Pads

Rib pads are optional in lacrosse, but many beginning players and players that are exceptionally aggressive should wear them.

rib pads size chart

Goalie Pads

Men and women can both use the goalie chest protection pictured in this section. Like most protective gear, you are paying more money for greater protection and comfort.

goalie pads size chart