Men's Lacrosse Mesh

Having a piece of lacrosse head mesh that fits your style is just as important as the stringing job that holds it in the head. Here you'll find new lacrosse mesh from all of the top brands that are sure to fit any and every need on the field. Performance Mesh, Goalie Mesh, Wax Mesh, it's all in one location waiting for you.

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Men's Lacrosse Mesh

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What is the Best Lacrosse Mesh?

Men’s Lacrosse is a widely known sport, what may not be known is how unique each player is. Lacrosse mesh has developed immensely over the last few years providing a plethora of options to increase game play, show off style and so much more. With how many options there are you can learn the difference between all of these products like semi-soft and semi-hard to choose the mesh that is best for you.

One of the most important tools for all Lacrosse Players is their pocket, it is what completes your lacrosse stick and aids in your performance on the field. From scooping to cradling up and down the field, to how you pass and shoot it all comes together. It begins with a piece of mesh.

Once you gain knowledge of your mesh needs, you will understand what it is you are looking to gain with your mesh selection. The lacrosse athlete will be able to get their lacrosse pocket ready for the lacrosse season, their selection should hold up strong to aid in their skills on the field. While you will find an abundance of styles of mesh to choose from they can be simplified down into two mesh options: semi-soft mesh and semi-hard mesh.

  • Semi-Soft Mesh – while it may seem self explanatory, this type of mesh is manufactured with a softer material along with the simplicity to stretch and string. Semi-Soft Mesh can also be quick to break in making it field ready in a shorter amount of time. A lacrosse head with a piece of semi-soft mesh will form a pocket that will hold the ball, increasing the players control while craddling and sprinting down the field. While any player can use this mesh is most commonly used by by Attackmen.
  • Semi-Hard Mesh – When you have a piece of this mesh in your hands in comparison to semi-soft you will notice it tends to be stiffer than semi-soft. It is subtle but it is definitely noticeable, especially during game play. Semi-hard mesh can aid in creating consistency along with a smooth release. It is also preferred for some players as it maintains it rigidity in wet weather. The trade off being that it typically takes a little longer to break in than its counterpart. While any player can use this mesh it is preferred by defensemen.

Still asking which lacrosse mesh is the best for you? It all boils down to your personal preference. It takes time and an abundance of trial and error to find your perfect mesh and pocket. Most new players start off with Hard Mesh as they learn the basics of the game and the variety of playing styles. After they become comfortable is when they start to explore the various mesh pieces on the market.

An attackmen who prefers to shoot full stride, maneuvers through dodging or packs power in their shots, will likely prefer a semi-soft mesh.

On the other hand, a defensemen who spends their time feeding to their teammates and gets the ball out of their lax stick quickly may lean towards a semi-hard mesh.

Still searching for more answers on the different types of lacrosse mesh you can contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you in the right direction based on your preference, position and playing style. Check out some of our top sellers like East Coast Dyes Mesh and Throne of String.

Shop Lacrosse Goalie Meshyou will locate great options like Throne Mesh Fiber 12 Diamond .

One of the trailblazers in the mesh world is the ECD Vortex featuring LTH Fibers for ultimate consistency in all weather types, great for those year round lacrosse players.

One of our Top Picks is the ECD Hero 2.0 Lacrosse Mesh, pick up a piece today to find out why. Other comparable options you will find are Epoch Otter Mesh and the newer STX Memory Mesh available in a variety options.

With Lacrosse Mesh you likely will need stringing supplies. You can order lacrosse string and shooting strings separately or you can get a lacrosse strings kit all in one spot with us at Just starting out and don't want to dive into stringing your own lacrosse head you can order a Custom Stringing Job from us and our stringers. Our goal is to provide you the best service so you can play your best game.

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