Men's Lacrosse Elbow Pads, Arm Pads and Arm Guards

If you need lacrosse elbow pads, lacrosse arm pads or lacrosse arm guards, there are many options to choose from and the names can be confusing, but the important thing is to get the right protection and correct fit for you. Arm Guards are commonly a slightly larger, more protective, version of an arm pad. Arm Pads offer protection for the elbow and some of the forearm and tricep. They are what is most commonly seen on the field, but do not offer as much protection as an arm guard does. Elbow Pads are just that, they offer protection to the elbow, and typically not much to the rest of your arm. These are most commonly used by skilled defensive players. Here you’ll find men's and youth lacrosse pads from all the top brands, including STX elbow pads, Maverik, Epoch, and more. With all these options, finding the right pair for you will be easier than ever before.

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Men's Lacrosse Elbow Pads, Arm Pads and Arm Guards

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Which Lacrosse Arm Pads are right for me?

On the field this may seem like the least important piece of equipment you put on, aside from your hands your arms take the brunt of checks and slashes. There is quite the list to go through and it can be confusing below we will break down each one. You will learn the different options between arm pads, arm guards and elbow pads.

The full contact aspect of lacrosse is intense to watch. You will watch players sprint up and down the lacrosse field, with quick shots and passes at high speeds that keep you on your toes to follow, and at the same time defense players are attempting to intercept the lacrosse ball for their team. Lacrosses physical endurance means that lacrosse athletes require protective gear.

During game play your arms are going to be exposed, cue in having the proper arm protection to keep the game fun and more importantly it keeps you in the game. You may notice that arm padding is only required in men’s lacrosse and not women’s lacrosse. This is because Women’s lacrosse is not full contact, as an example, in the men’s game, lacrosse players are allowed to body check one another.

We provide three designs of lacrosse arm protection. With a variety of options in each which make certain models ideal for specific positions, but the players goal is to locate a perfect match of protection and maneuverability.

Lacrosse Arm Guards

Arm Guards is ideal for lacrosse players that want the most padding and coverage. When a player slides on it should cover from the upper bicep down to about the middle of your forearm. Arm guards commonly have a hard-shell plastic on the elbow and other locations on the pads, which will provide additional protection during a check. The expanded padding will give athletes more confidence, you will commonly see attackmen sport these on the field as they frequently encounter the most checks from deffensemen.

Worrisome parents can appreciate their total-coverage design for their youth lacrosse players. Pair that with Shoulder Pads and gloves and your player has a shield of protection with minimally exposed skin. Although while we want our players to be protected they still need to move on the field, be sure to properly size your player to ensure ideal mobility.

Lacrosse Arm Pads

Arm pads cover a bit less of your arm, but that loss in coverage you gain freedom in your range of motion. In addition the padding loses the hard exterior plastic and exchanges it for High Density Foam to provide ideal protection while minimizing the weight.

Arm pad protective gear covers the mid-bicep down to upper-forearm, on most players. This is an optimal choice for midfielders and defensemen for the attractive features of mobility and lightweight fit. With these agile and quick moving players are generally willing to give up coverage and heavy duty protection to increase their finesse on the field.

Lacrosse Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads are generally self explanatory, also referred to as Elbow Caps. These are smallest form of arm protection next to wearing nothing which isn’t an option in most leagues. To increase the maneuverability they are typically compression molded to fit snug and feel like nothing is there. Providing limited coverage of the three common arm protection options.

The reduced padding on elbow pads protects the elbow, although it does not supply coverage to the players forearms or biceps. These are spectacular choice for the faster high performance players on the lacrosse field. It is not recommended for youth level players to wear elbow pads because of the limited protection on the arm.

As you learned each option offers its own advantages and features. While one defender might prefer an elbow pad another might prefer an arm guard. Lacrosse is a unique sport that is filled with personal preference and different playing styles. Whichever you decide on, always look for comfort and range of motion with the protection you want. Newer arm protection models for sale offer new features like shock absorptions, moisture wicking liners, vent systems and so on. Proper fitting is easily overlooked, you do not want to be constantly adjusting your pads during game play. The lacrosse players ideal fit should be snug but not constricting, placement should be right over the elbow joint to ensure proper protection.

When shopping with you will see that we offer arm protection ranging in sizes from XXS to XL to cover all of our players big and small, experienced to inexperienced. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you in the right direction for your position and preference. We can also try them on for you if you would like to get a secondary opinion when you just can’t decide. We offer Free Shipping on Orders over $49 to the Continental US and Same Day Shipping on orders placed by 3pm EST Monday-Friday. You can feel confident ordering with us and see why we are the #1 Customer Rated Lacrosse Site.

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