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A Goalie is the last line of defense when it comes to keeping points off the scoreboard. A Goalie has to trust that their head will be light enough to be quick, strong enough to be durable, and large enough to swallow shots fired in their direction. We have new lacrosse goalie heads to address any concern you may have. You're sure to find your perfect Goalie Lacrosse Head here at your favorite site for lacrosse gear.

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Men's Goalie Lacrosse Heads

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What should I look for in a Lacrosse Goalie Head?

A lacrosse player may not see many differences in top end goalie head options, although there are some minimal variances in heads sidewall shape which can affect the string-ability which in turn can alter your playing style during your game. Playing goalie is a whole new animal with different lacrosse goalie drills, different protective gear and so on.

Players should look for these three design features:

  • - Head Stiffness
  • - Throat handles
  • - Flexibility at the scoop

If you talk with any lax goalies from high school and collegiate women and men, the leading factor they look for will be the blend of flex at the scoop and overall stiffness of the goalie head. Anyone watching the goalie will notice the bulk of the saves are made towards the top of the head. The biggest fear of the goalkeeper is getting the ball and having the head flex so much from the opposing teams shot that the ball bends the head and makes it into the goal. Reviewing any slow-motion video will reveal that a bulk of these almost saves did not occur because the players shot overpowered the goalies head. With the information provided to us there are really only a handful of lacrosse goalie heads that we are confident recommending as the ideal match for high school and collegiate lacrosse players.

STX Eclipse 2

The STX Eclipse II Lacrosse Goalie Head was a long anticipated release for the goalie community. Stringers of the lacrosse community rave about its stringing capabilities. The additional sidewall holes provide an expanded array of pocket styles. The STX Eclipse 2 is the successor of the original version, the STX Eclipse, which held the best seller spot for almost 10 years. This game changer provides a big, deep channel up the middle of the head, when strung properly rebounds are a non issue, as accurate as a dialed in feeder when passing but still able to go coast to coast. STX thought of everything and released a complete stick featuring the STX Eclipse 2 with the Outlet Shaft, you can order yours with us.

STX Shield

Noted as one of the stiffest lacrosse head in lacrosse. You will see the bulk of collegiate players with the STX Shield in their hands. Main thing you will observe is the updated sidewall geometry, designed to be bigger to assist in stopping the hardest shots with little to no effort. While it is slightly heavier than the Eclipse 2 most players will not mind. Shield provides an ergonomic throat design and which allows that top hand to glide up towards the ball stop for ultimate control and design secure grip.

Warrior Nemesis

The Warrior Nemesis Lacrosse Goalie Head has a unique sidewall which helps divert lacrosse balls with its pointed and angled design. You will catch your favorite lax pros are using the Warrior Nemesis as they face the toughest shots. Known for having minimal flex at the scoop design for enhanced diversion tactics which is up to the task. This goalie head throat design is ideal to get your hand to the top with its tapered shape. Scoop angled point aids in ground balls

When you watch lacrosse games local and pro you will see these heads on the field. Most commonly it will be the STX Eclipse 2, giving the goalie the most consistency all around you just cannot beat the performance of this lacrosse goalie head.

Beginner Goalies

We didn’t forget about you, our recommendations are the Brine Eraser and the STX Shield 100 these are just great picks for youth goalies that are just learning the sport. You can purchase either as just the head or get the Shield 100 Complete Goalie Stick. Either way these are great starting options and will last through a season or two before your lacrosse player will want to up their game and get a higher level head. We also offer Custom Stringing Jobs for Goalies of All Levels.

If you still need assistance please contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you to the best option for your preference, playing style and more.