Lacrosse Balls Legal for Game Play

Lacrosse Game Balls have a set of criteria and standards they need to meet to be legal for play. We make sure our game balls are all up to those standards so you don't have to worry about it. Always available in a handful of colors and in quantities of singles all the way up to full cases. We have exactly what's required to fill your NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball needs for your games.

Lacrosse Balls Legal for Game Play

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Why buy your NOCSAE Case of Lacrosse Balls from us?

Play with Certified Game Lacrosse Balls from, and know you are prepared for the lacrosse field or your backyard. A game ball is manufactured from molded rubber for the official size as required. There is an abundance of choices from Single balls with Quantity Pricing or purchase bulk lacrosse balls by the case to be prepared for the entire season. We stock your main three colors White, Orange and Yellow or you can choose multi colored, keep in mind while they may be certified for game play your league may not allow it.

Lacrosse balls for sale from us are always from Industry Leading Brands like STX, Brine, and Champion. These lax balls are manufactured with the same approved standards as balls used in professional leagues. Commonly lacrosse balls are also distributed as massage balls in the fitness and physical therapy industry.

All game lax balls are Stamped for NCAA® and NFHS® game play that meet and exceed NOCSAE® safety standards. Youth Leagues, High Schools, Colleges, just for practice we have all of your preferences covered.

If you need assistance or have further questions please contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can advise you in the right direction. We offer Free Shipping on Purchases Over $49 and that includes Cases of Lacrosse Balls, no weight restrictions allowed here.

Now that you have obtained lax practice balls you need a Lacrosse Rebounderto practice your drills! Add Lacrosse Ball Bagsto your inventory to organize your collection. Do you have a laxer just starting out? Why not snag them gift cardsto keep them going in the fastest growing game in the Country!