Women's Lacrosse Stringing Jobs

Want your stick strung a particular way but don't want to do the stringing? No problem. We offer plenty of custom lacrosse stringing jobs for your stringing needs. With nearly endless color options, numerous pocket pieces to choose from, and heads from the best brands in the sport. Having your next perfect lacrosse head is as easy as letting us do the work for you.

Women's Lacrosse Stringing Jobs

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What Women’s Lacrosse Stringing Service is right for you?

A lacrosse Players pocket can make or break their game.

SportStop.com Lacrosse Stringers know exactly how to string a lacrosse head. They are skilled to string custom lacrosse sticks with all the correct pieces formed and woven into the right pocket for your position, preference and style of play.

Girls Custom Lacrosse Stringing

Women’s lacrosse stick stringing is a intricate task for even the most experienced Stringer. Have confidence that we will get the job done right! From old school traditional to new school Women’s Mesh Pocket Pieces you will be craddling the perfect lacrosse stick in no time.

Here is some guidance to maintain your Custom Stringing Job from SportStop.com


  • The lacrosse player should Check their pocket regularly. Especially Traditional Pockets!
  • Be sure your pocket is in playable shape by checking both before and after gameplay. Signs of damage include a pocket piece that is torn or frayed and loose or fraying sidewall string and runner strings. If you are repairing your sidewall, be sure to pull the string through the hole in the sidewall, you may hear 'skip a hole' which is optional and depends on your preferences. Bottom String and Top String take brunt of damage so make sure you asses these as well. Shooting strings can become loose as well with repeated use, some lacrosse head stringers will tie a double knot to maintain tension.
  • An experienced lacrosse player will bring a backup lacrosse head or even a complete lacrosse stick to every lacrosse game and practice just in case of emergency. You can also have extra strings in an absolute last minute pinch.


  • The weather plays a significant role equally for game time decisions and your lacrosse pocket performance.
  • In wet conditions it can cause your pocket to bag out and violate league rules, especially in girls lacrosse where the players pocket is already very shallow. On the other spectrum extreme heat may transform your pocket to tighten up and become more shallow. This is a bit of an easier fix as you can utilize your handy lacrosse ball to help remold your pocket or you can add a Pocket StretcherorPounder to your shopping cart to keep in your Lacrosse Bag.


  • To gain better control on the field.
  • A properly broken-in pocket provide you with better control. The best way is to practice with your new pocket. You can do this by playing catch with a friend, playing wall ball, target practice with aGoal Target or a Lacrosse Pitchback. You can find both of these products at SportStop.com.

The first step is get the best Custom Lacrosse Head for you. We provide several jobs for you to choose from. Regardless if you are just starting out or are in High School we can get you a Custom Strung head. Women’s Lacrosse is very unique and requires attention to detail for the right finesse. We can help you! Feel free Contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can advise you in the correct direction for your lacrosse head stringing needs. Custom Stringing Jobs do not ship the same day as our stringers do not want to disappoint you with a poor performing pocket. Most services take about 4-6 Business Days prior to shipment. If you want a truly tailored Service we recommend pairing your Lacrosse Head with a Personalized Stringing Experience with Trice. Great reminder that Orders over $49 Qualify for Free Standard Shipping. Free does not mean cheap. We don’t give our free shipping orders second rate service.