Women's Complete Field Lacrosse Sticks

You'll find Women's Complete Lacrosse Sticks from all the top brands in the game. Each manufacturer has thought hard and paired together heads and shafts that make outstanding complete girls' lacrosse sticks. You're sure to find the women's and girls' field lacrosse sticks you need right here.

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Women's Complete Field Lacrosse Sticks

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How to pick a Women's Lacrosse Stick?

Whether you are a Beginner or an Advanced Lacrosse Player a complete women's lacrosse stick are a great choice. They come ready to go with a shaft and pre-strung lacrosse head. This is usually ideal as you already know it is a great match. One of the most important features is ball control in your complete stick. Finding the perfect head and shaft combination is key.

Select from a variety of options and experience. Shop the top brands including STX, Brine and Under Armour. Don’t forget about Nike Women’s Lacrosse Sticksor some of the best women’s lacrosse sticks like the STX Fortress 600 10 Degree. Picking a lacrosse stick for girls can be a challenge with all the options on the market, rest assured we have the girls lacrosse stick to meet your needs.

Girls lacrosse shafts are commonly made of composite or various metals. The typical diameter is about seven-eighths of an inch to one inch.

Unlike men’s lacrosse, a women’s lacrosse heads must be strung in a different way typically with a shallower pocket. Until recently pockets were only allowed to have a pocket piece, runners and crosslace but now Lacrosse Mesh is permitted to be strung into girls lacrosse heads as long as they meet the same stringing rules.

Shop our Youth Girls Lacrosse Stickfor your little ones. If you are unsure what to get for you or your player contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you to the right stick. To make your life easier we offer Same Day Shipping on orders placed by 3pm EST Monday-Friday and Free Shipping on Orders over $49 to the continental US.