Team Sales Request

You can save an additional 5% to 35% off our already low prices if you become an approved team account. You must be a school, coach or other organization supporting the sport (no retailers). Your initial order must be for $1,000 or more. Reorders can be of ANY size and you will still receive the low team pricing.

Re-ordering is easy. Once you have a team account, anytime you visit and log in to, you will see ALL the team prices as your prices. No going back and forth with a team sales representative haggling over your price. We show you your low price and allow you to place that order 24/7. Of course, if you have a very high volume or high $$ value order, you can always request a quote.

Examples of savings:

  • Minimum 5% off most products on website
  • Save additional 25-35% on most custom helmet models
  • Save 10-30% more on many closeout and entry level protective equipment

How to get approved for team account status:

  • Fill out the form below and feel free to include any details on gear you are looking for right now.
  • Finalize and submit you initial order with our team sales representative.
  • We ship your order.
  • All future online orders will AUTOMATICALLY receive your discount. You will be able to simply log in to your account on to view your team prices.
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