Men's Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

If you’re a goalie then you know that hand speed is the key to success. Milliseconds can be the difference between making a save or allowing a goal. Finding a men's lacrosse goalie shaft that has the perfect balance of strength and weight is crucial. We have a wide range of lacrosse goalie stick shafts for you to find the best shaft for you.

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Men's Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

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Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts for you

New to lacrosse and unsure why you would need a goalie specific lacrosse shaft? Lacrosse goalie shafts are designed and manufactured to make goalies game play a breeze. Goalie Shafts aid during game play to help clear the ball with either short passes, or long and accurate passes that get the ball up and out to a fellow teammate. Lacrosse Goalie shaft length can be 30 to 40 inches which varies from player to player. Shorter or Attack Length Lacrosse shafts are commonly used by youth goalies and even into high school. While you may see it popular in the developing player you could see a collegiate goalie using a shorter length. The benefit in shorter lacrosse shafts in younger players is to aid in saves while running with the ball, along with just getting more acclimated with the weight and length. As you develop your goalie game and have some throwing and passing power in your arms you will definitely want to switch to the longer 40-inch shafts to complete your lacrosse goalie stick. This is because with the extra length and power you can catch yourself throwing long passes down the field and catch the opposing team off guard. Lacrosse goalies are quite unique compared to goalies in other sports, they are more hands on and can truly make or break a game.

We stock over 20 different models for Goalie shafts, a few we’d like to recommend is the Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft, the ECD Carbon Pro Goalie Shaft, the STX Outlet Goalie Shaft and the Epoch Dragonfly Nine C40 Goalie Shaft. There are significant differences between all these shafts and we can guide you to the best one for you!

Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft

The A1 from Maverik is most ideal for an advanced goalie in High School or College. The combination of Scandium and Titanium makes this one of the lightest shafts and durable. When Maverik designed this shaft they thought of it all, adding a grit texture which gives the goalie a great feel and secure grip. Simple designs like the texture can really assist the player to make saves. Grip on any lacrosse shaft is crucial but as a goalie it means having the security in your hands to take a shot and prevent it from going into your goal. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves would pair up nicely with this goalie shaft to give you the grip you demand to protect your goal. sse Gloves will make sure that doesn’t happen to you!


As lacrosse continues to develop in all aspects of the game, the most impactful has been Composite lacrosse shafts. Players of all positions and experience levels have started to make the switch. There are pros and cons to any equipment you choose, the point regardless is your performance. If your playing style matches the flex that composite shafts offer and your playing your best then that is your match, take it and run. East Coast Dyes has made their mark in the lacrosse world especially when they came out with the Carbon Pro shaft. This shaft offers Flex and texture, it is recommended for almost any player.

STX Outlet Goalie Shaft

STX studied the market when designing the Outlet shaft. They realized that players were buying goalie shafts and cutting them down. So they decided the Outlet should be 34-inches instead of the normal 40-inch. This is ideal for players looking for that in-between length and not wanting the hassle of having to modify their brand new shaft. Ideal for all levels but a great option for that youth goalie looking to leave the short attack length but isn’t quite ready for the full goalie length. The player may even realize that this is a perfect match and will not want to add additional length or weight. Instead of adding texture to the entire shaft STX added grip zones to aid in grip and control throughout the game.

Epoch Dragonfly Nine C40 Goalie Shaft

Epoch has been the leader in Carbon Composites over the years. Now on their Dragonfly Nine Series, maintaining consistency while adding new technology to keep up with the ever advancing player. Now featuring their HD Resin to improve the overall Quality of the shaft and player performance. Keeping this shaft lightweight for all players but especially the goalies. Textured throughout and offered in the most comfortable shape for goalies.

Youth lacrosse is a bit different in the beginning, usually all the players play with the same stick, pads and so on. You will see the coach take the attack lacrosse stick and take the head off and throw a goalie head on there. Which is all completely fine, the 30-in attack shaft is more than ideal for younger players starting out. Aside from the longer shaft being a bit cumbersome for a youth player to run around and maneuver a 40-inch shaft before the head, it is all about learning the sport and getting a feel for the position, and to do this they should be using an attack shaft. If you want to buy some comparable attack shafts here are some options. Lightest option Maverik Apollo is nice fit, you will be learning finesse in no time. For a more rugged and slightly heavier option you can choose the Maverik Union Attack Shaft between the durability and grip it would be a good fit for a youth goalie player. Don't forget the Chest Protector and Goalie Gloves to complete your position.

In a game of constant movement and high intensity at any level, comfort is key especially in your gear. If you aren’t comfortable using your Goalie Shaft you need to keep searching. Pairing it with a great Goalie Head will make it an all around beast! If questions are still piling in your head give our Customer Support Team a call at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you in the right direction. We also offer Free Shipping on Orders over $49 and you can pair that with our speedy shipping. We stock 98% of our inventory in house, place your order by 3pm EST Monday-Friday and it will ship same day.