Boys and Men's Lacrosse Starter Kits | Lacrosse Starter Sets

Selecting the right lacrosse starter package for your young boy or high school lacrosse player does not have to be difficult. We have youth lacrosse gear sets from STX and Maverik for both beginner lacrosse players and for intermediate high school lacrosse players. Choices include 3, 4, and 5 piece sets to fit your exact needs. So if you already own a stick and/or helmet, we have a package that suits your needs. We take the stress out of picking the right gear. You're sure to find exactly what you need. Want help picking out the lacrosse starter kit for your lacrosse player? Call, chat or email us your questions? We are here to help.

Recommended Starter Sets for Youth and Beginners

Boys and Men's Lacrosse Starter Kits | Lacrosse Starter Sets

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What equipment do you need for lacrosse?

  1. Lacrosse Stick - Beginner lacrosse sticks can be purchased for well under $100. Starting at $40. But make sure the stringing is done well. Otherwise the stick will be difficult to throw and catch with and then the beginning lacrosse player may become discouraged and quit.
  2. Gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads - Young players in leagues that do not check yet, the entry level pads are fine. For middle and high school players where there is more contact, you should purchase intermediate level padding.
  3. Helmet - A helmet is required for all levels of play for boys lacrosse. Make sure the helmet fits correctly. All helmets sold today are certified so they all have a good level of protection
  4. Mouthguard - Like many sports, lacrosse requires you wear a mouthguard when playing. Just select one that is comfortable so your player will actually wear it all the time.
  5. Cleats - Yes you can reuse cleats from soccer or football. But if they are serious about the sport, they do make lacrosse specific cleats that perform the best on the field.
  6. Athletic cup - Believe it or not, this is probably the least used protective equipment in lacrosse. Hopefully your coach and team require it. If not, you are risking it.

For all the required items above there are lots of choices. And yes you can spend tons of money. If your child is just starting out and you are not sure if they are going to stick with it. Go ahead and purchase a lacrosse starter kit. The least expensive packages are perfect for young players starting out. And they love having new equipment that is their own. If they stick with it and you want to upgrade. First things to upgrade are getting a better stick with a great pocket and upgrading the gloves. These will give your player more control of the ball so they can play better and enjoy the game even more.

If your player is in middle or high school, please consider purchasing a intermediate level kit. Also as they start playing, know that they will likely want to purchase a more expensive stick that suits the position they end up playing the most. These can easily run into a couple hundred dollars. As they play more lacrosse, you can upgrade lacrosse equipment as their skills and needs progress. You need to realize that the starter lacrosse set that you purchased will not be the end of the journey.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. We are here to help you with your lacrosse purchase. And remember if something does not fit or it does not work for any reason we have a simple and generous return policy.