Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads and Rib Pads

Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads need to be highly protective yet still offer a superior range of motion. There are many options including big, bulky pads to thin speed pads. It is up to the player to decide which works best for them, often highly dependent on skill level and position. Manufacturers offer shoulder pads that incorporate attributes such as comfort, protection, and agility to create options for all levels. Men's Lacrosse Rib Pads are a great way to add that extra protection you are looking for, without sacrificing mobility. They provide peace of mind and a great deal of extra padding. The widest selection of men's and youth shoulder pads can be found right here.

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Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads and Rib Pads

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What features make the Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads?

Lacrosse shoulder pads for players come in variety of options and protection levels. For the most part all offer full torso protection with shoulder caps and bicep pads. We recommend that Youth Players wear full Shoulder Pads designed to offer the maximum protection possible. Lacrosse is a Full Contact sport, players run into each other recovering ground balls, lacrosse sticks can swing around, and players can get checked on the back and sides. Ideally players should wear a lot of protection, playing at any level. As a lacrosse player gets older and more experience, they start to get more position specific. A defensive player and the offensive midfielder will start to reduce their pads for more mobility or shooting ability. These types of shoulder protection are labeled as speed pads or shoulder pad liners. This is most common for high school and collegiate players. Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads often come with the ability to customize for extra protection or minimal, so the player can feel free to make the choice as needed. Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads are commonly paired with Lacrosse Rib Pads for added protection. Rib Pads are more common for Box LacrossePlayers. If you have any questions about the right lacrosse pads for your age, ability and preference, please call our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we will guide you through the options.

A popular choice pad on the market is the STX Stallion 500which have a wide range of mobility and protection. Maverik Max Speed Padsare also a popular item for that player looking for just enough protection. Don't forget we offer Free Shipping on Orders over $49 to the Continental US. Shop around our Beginner Lacrosse Shoulder Padsfor your little one just starting out. We also have a wide range of Lacrosse Starter Kitsas well.