Men's Lacrosse Helmets

Protection starts at the top, and by that we mean the helmet. Cascade lacrosse helmets dominate the protection category, finding the right one for you will be no problem at all. From proper fit and protection, down to making sure it looks just like you want, we have covered every detail for you. Getting the perfect men's lacrosse helmet for you will prove to be a breeze.

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Men's Lacrosse Helmets

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What should you look for when finding your Best Lacrosse Helmet?

There is no question that the helmet is the absolute most important equipment for any player as it protects your head. That is why we make sure to offer you the safest options that are brand new. We want you to step onto the lacrosse field with a quality-engineered lacrosse helmet.

Your ideal helmet should be lightweight, offer clear vision and supreme protection. Your lacrosse helmet will have a variety of top of the line technology and other innovative features to keep you safe on the field. Show off your style with custom lacrosse helmets and choose from adult or youth models in endless option.

Any helmet should be inspected for structural damage before each use. When putting your helmet on, ensure that your chin strap is tightened so that there is no slack-your chin strap should always fit snugly before each game. A Lacrosse Players helmet should fit squarely on your head, with the front of the helmet approximately one finger above the width of your eyebrows. This fit gives you peace of mind that the helmet is protecting both the forehead and the chin. It is always good to remember, a proper-fitting helmet should never cause headaches or soreness. For lacrosse helmet sizing info, look in the description of the helmet you plan on purchasing.

Cascade® Lacrosse helmetshave been dominating the Lacrosse Industry for over a decade, featuring a revolutionary design with a heavy-duty steel facemask and a flexible, impact resistant outer shell. Best of all they are NOCSAE Approved.

We offer Youth Lacrosse Helmets for our youngest players just starting out. Popular options are the Cascade CS-Ror the Newest addition the S Youth. We didn’t forget about the Lacrosse Goalie Helmets, you can order a Goalie Throat Guard to tie onor choose a Screw-On Goalie Throat Guard Attachment when ordering your Custom Helmet.

Look for a helmet designated as approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.