Men's Defense Lacrosse Heads

In lacrosse, Defense in a huge part of the game. Strong, agile, and assertive are all characteristics that both Defenseman and their defensive lacrosse heads share. Durability and strength is the name of the game. From poke checks to ground balls, you need a head that is going to stand up to the amount of abuse you can dish out game after game. We offer the best of the best in men's lacrosse defense heads.

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Men's Defense Lacrosse Heads

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What are the Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads?

Lacrosse defense heads all have similar designs of a wider top of the throat and several sidewall holes to form a high pocket for ground balls with long poles. Newly engineered plastics has assisted for larger and stiffer sidewalls without additional weight. If your lacrosse player can handle a defense lacrosse shaft, these lax heads will only assist in their ball handling skills.

The STX Hammer 500is our Top Pick for the elite level Defense Lacrosse Player. It is currently one of the sturdiest heads on the field making poke checks and those alike sting a bit more. This is a great lacrosse head for an aggressive player and when strung it has the highest pocket. Making this an ideal match for elite high school defensemen players looking for extra confidence on the field.

The Maverik Tankhead brings a beefier design and is ideal for a mid-high pocket. The tank is a clutch choice for players that do a lot of passes and shots. Which is why the mid high pocket is perfect in this head, it also aids in ball control as you run up and down on the field.

The Warrior Regulator Maxis the monster of group. While it may be a little thinner in design it makes up for it in weight to lay down serious checks on attackman. Most younger players stay away from this heavyweight champ because of the additional weight. Although it makes it quite popular with the collegiate and pro players and gaining speed in the box lacrosse community.

Defensive lacrosse heads are in a league of their own, while this is only a highlight of a few models there are plenty to choose from based on your experience and playing style. Men’s Lacrosse Heads are either strung or unstrung, it is common to see more being purchased unstrung so that they player can get the pocket they want. Stringing in a defense lacrosse head is truly different compared to attack, between the design of the head itself and the different playing style you want to make sure the strung heads in question are appropriate for you and your position. While you may hear the same terminology between the two the stringing makes the difference for ideal pocket placement.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you in the right direction, whether you need a new head, a comparable defense lacrosse shaftor a Custom Stringing Jobrecommendation, we are here to help.