Men's Lacrosse Backpacks

You have a ton of equipment and accessories to carry with you. Our large variety of lacrosse stick backpacks and gear bags offer you many options on how to keep all of your belongings in one place. We stock men's lacrosse backpacks from top brands, bringing you the best that each manufacturer has to offer. You're sure to find one that fits all of your needs right here.

Men's Lacrosse Backpacks

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What makes Lacrosse Bags different?

Be prepared with your lax gear with a lacrosse backpack from It is isn’t worth settling for a basic backpack.

You’ll see that these bags are designed for lacrosse. Most bags feature a stick holder, expanded compartments along with similar options like accessories organization.

For added comfort, try a lax backpack with padded shoulder straps. Some may feature an exterior helmet and stick straps for quick access. If you are in a travel Lacrosse team you may want to look into Lacrosse Equipment Bags that provide extra room. Gaining access to spacious compartments, meaning your lacrosse cleats can stay in their own pocket to not dirty your Uniform, which will make mom happy. Pockets to securely hold your water bottle, along with mesh panels provide ventilation to assist in odor reduction. Most common feature to search for is lacrosse backpacks with stick holders. Some may even offer multiple lacrosse stick pockets.

Most bags are manufactured with durable water resistant materials. Men’s Lacrosse Players can discover their new bag from the Top brands in Lacrosse.

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Conceniently transporting your lax gear to your game or team practice will preserve you from exhausting crucial energy before the game starts. Selecting the ideal bag is based on your needs. Having a bag be lightweight is usually number one, regardless of how packed down your bag is.

Consider these when making your selection:

  • How much lacrosse gear do you need?
  • Travel: by car, plane or bus. Storage during transit?
  • Will you need to pack extra items not related to lacrosse?

Compact and Lightweight may not always be a great fit. Selecting a more spacious Equipment Pack may be more useful in the future. Coaches may need lacrosse ball bags for ease of transport. Stick bags are typically more common in Girls Lacrosse but if your coach needs to transport the entre teams sticks the STX Challenger Wheelie Lacrosse Equipment Bag is a great choice.

We offer Free Shipping on Orders over $49 and if you order by 3pm EST Monday-Friday we offer Same Day Shipping from our Warehouse. Looking for bags to order to match for your Team contact us at with what bag you are interested in, quantity, colors and so on. Need more help? Contact our Customer Support Team at 800-335-4670 and we can guide you in the right direction for your players needs.

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