Throne Powder 2 Lacrosse Head Dye


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Throne's dye experts introduce POWDER 2, an improvement to their industry leading particle based lacrosse dye.

POWDER 2 is designed to bring lacrosse dyeing to the next level. This improved high concentrate dye permeates plastic for bright, beautiful colors without acidic additives.

New particle based formula works up to twice as fast as hobby dyes. This keeps your item stronger, allowing it to see more game time.

New particle composition permeates plastic to achieve rich lasting color.

POWDER saturates twice as fast as hobby dyes keeping your head strong.

Available in a wide variety of colors and able to mix for custom ones.

10 grams of American made POWDER is the perfect amount for a custom dye.

1) Fill pot with enough water to cover item.
2) Heat water to 120 degrees F/48 degrees C.
3) Pour powder into water and stir until dissolved.
4) Increase dyebath temperature to 200 degrees F/93 degrees C.
5) Place item in simmering water.
6) Check every 3-5 minutes on color saturation.
7) Once desired color is achieved remove item from dyebath.
8) Rinse item with cold water.
9) Place item in refrigerator until cool.


In this video Joe and Chris show you how to use the new POWDER 2 lacrosse dye.


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