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SportStop Personalized Custom Stringing Experience with Trice Antinoro

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Personalized Custom Stringing Experience with Trice Antinoro for MEN'S FIELD HEADS

For over a decade SportStop.com has offered a variety of custom stringing jobs. You pick your new head (or send in your head) then picked a custom stringing job that includes your preferred mesh along with a number of selections including string color and orientation. We took a few days, delivered you a nicely finished product, and we are all happy.

BUT how personalized was that? We have no idea how you play, where you like your pocket to be, prefer an extra shooting string? The list of questions can go on and on and on if we were really trying to give you an elite, personalized custom stringing experience.

Our Personalized Custom Stringing Experience with Trice Antinoro is a one-on-one, personalized stringing experience unlike any other in lacrosse. You may string a good head, or someone on your team does a pretty good job, but have you ever considered getting a setup that is specifically dialed to your ability, playing style and position. Think of this opportunity as if you walked into a lacrosse specific store and an expert was there to discuss with you what your needs REALLY are when it comes to stringing, instead of getting a biased option about what they like or what someone talked them into pushing.

When you purchase this product along with a new unstrung head from us (or send yours in), Trice Antinoro himself, our Social Content Manager and face on YouTube, a true sponge of lacrosse stringing knowledge, will personally CALL YOU to get all of your preferences, special requests, or offer advice if you would like it. There will be an order notes section during the checkout where you can make some requests upfront, like preferred time of call. If you prefer to do it by email, or other social conversation, that is fine as well... we will be as accommodating to your needs as possible. While the main objective of the call will be stringing focused, it is a serious opportunity to discuss lacrosse heads, and possibly other equipment with Trice as well.

You can pick any mesh, any colors and any setup that you want. There are no additional fees with this experience, it is all-inclusive.

Here are some questions that will be asked in the conversation. There likely will be many more... remember this is a personalized experience, but think about some of these things...
- What position do you play (and do you also Face-off)?
- How long have you been playing?
- Do you have a preferred pocket placement?
- Do you prefer a locked down pocket or a shifty pocket?
- What style of cradling do you use more often?
- Do you pass/feed more or shoot more?
- Do you have a preferred shooter setup or a particular amount of whip you like?
- What type of head are you using now and did you string it yourself?
- What type of mesh do you like?
- What is you personal style? Are you more laid back or flashy? Would you prefer all white or some color?

So are your ready for this? I see an opportunity for our Personalized Custom Stringing Experience with Trice Antinoro to help you get the maximum shot power, control, and accuracy out of your head. This is your opportunity to get a key member of our team to dissect your stringing needs and wants, and build you a pocket that is truly customized for your game.

*Purchasing this item includes the parts and labor for a custom stringing job. It does not include a head! You can send in your head, but we recommended this experience be paired with a brand new unstrung head.

NOTE: The pictures are only examples.


In this video Trice with SportStop.com gives you an explanation of the Personalized Custom Stringing Experience.


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