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SportStop CUSTOM STRINGING JOB - Men's Lacrosse Mesh Styles


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*Purchasing this item includes the parts and labor for a custom stringing job. It does not include a head!

Want to have a SportStop professional stringer string your new head? Many people don't like factory stringing, and don't have the time to do it themselves. Let us take care of it for you!

Check out all the options! We'll put together all the colors you want and make a great pocket.

Make sure you have an unstrung head in your shopping cart when you choose all your stringing options and then add this item to your cart. We'll do all the work from there!

NOTE: The picture above is only one of the many examples of color possibilities available

Hard Mesh:
Still far and away the most popular of all mesh. It is fairly easy to break in, yet will hold its pocket in poor weather. It offers good hold as well as good shot speed. It is an excellent choice for any player.

Soft Mesh:
It's mesh style is identical to hard mesh, except for the fact that it is uncoated (soft). It is extremely easy to break in, offers great catching ability, as well as decent shot speed and hold. It is a great choice for beginner level lacrosse players.

5 Diamond:
It offers the largest diamonds of any attack/defense mesh. As a result, it tends to be the easiest of the diamond styles to break in. It provides a solid hold, but the trade-off comes as a slight loss of shot speed. Overall, it is an excellent choice for beginner players, but its unique properties make it a suitable choice for players whose playing style it compliments.

6 Diamond:
It is the original and the most popular of all the diamond style mesh. Its diamond size is neither large nor small, which makes it the perfect compromise between hold and shot speed. It is durable and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather. It's a good choice for any kind of lacrosse player.

7 Diamond:
This mesh begins to bridge the gap between the lower numbered diamond mesh and hard mesh. Its diamond size is moderate to small, so it offers excellent shot speed at a slight loss of hold. It is not as easy to break in as most of the other style attack/defense mesh, but once broken in it is extremely durable and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather. It's a good choice for scorers looking to maximize shot speed.

8 Diamond:
It offers the smallest diamond size of the diamond mesh. Like the rest of the diamonds, it is durable and holds its pocket in the face of adverse weather. On account of its small diamond size, it may be difficult to break in. It offers great shot speed, but suffers in its hold. A great mesh choice for those looking to balance the properties of hard mesh and diamond mesh.

Canadian Hard Mesh:
It provides a similar feel to hard mesh, but it is nearly twice the thickness of hard mesh! It may be somewhat hard to break in, but once it is, it will hold its pocket through any of the rough elements you experience on the field. It is the ultimate in durability.

Canadian Soft Mesh:
It is an evolved version of soft mesh. It is uncoated and provides the same feel as soft mesh, but it is nearly twice as thick! This allows it to hold its pocket better in wet or cold weather. Long story short, it is an extremely durable version of soft mesh.

Sidewall Strings:
One on each side of the head, left and right. They hold the mesh to the head and are vital in positioning the pocket where the player likes it.

Top/Bottom Strings:
The top string is used to keep the mesh tight right under or flat against the back of the scoop of the head. It also helps keep the mesh stretched all the way across the head. The bottom string loops around and/or through the mesh at the bottom of the pocket. It can often be loosened or tightened for a quick adjustment of pocket depth.

Top Shooting String:
This string is always straight across the head, typically a couple of diamonds below the scoop (varies depending on the mesh), and is tightest to help release the ball from the pocket with thrown. To increase that tension, some players choose to use a thick nylon shooting string versus a shoelace shooting string. A nylon will stay tighter and will be stronger over time.

Middle Shooting String:
This string is either straight across the head or is sometimes put in an upside down V shape. Some players feel that the V shape helps guide the ball out of the pocket. This middle shooting string is not as tightly strung as the top shooting string.

Bottom Shooting String:
This string is sometimes straight across the head, but is more often an upside down V shape. Just like the middle shooting string, some players feel that the V shape helps guide the ball out of the pocket. Being the bottom shooting string, it's the first shooting string that makes contact with the ball when you throw. The bottom shooting string is strung the loosest of the three shooting strings.

A rule change starting in 2016, which applies to most leagues, states that shooting strings need to be strung within 4 inches of the top of the head. We have removed the option to have V or U shooting strings. If you still desire to have a V or U shooting string for the bottom shooting string or middle and bottom shooting strings, please let us know in your order notes during the checkout.


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