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SportStop CUSTOM Goalie Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Kit


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Many people don't like factory stringing, and want some different colors in their pocket. Let us take care of that for you with our lacrosse goalie mesh kit!

Check out all the options! We'll put together all the pieces/colors you want and send you out a custom lacrosse stringing kit.

NOTE: The picture above is only one of the many examples of color possibilities available

Hard Mesh:
It has become the goalie mesh of choice for most players. It is fairly easy to break in, yet it will hold its pocket well in wet or cold weather. It is also durable enough to eliminate bagging out for an extended period of playing time. Overall it is an excellent all around mesh Traditional It can be used by players of any ability.

Soft Mesh:
It is the easiest of the goalie mesh to break in, and offers the best catching ability right out of the bag. It's downfall is that it will not offer peak performance in wet or cold weather. It is a great mesh for beginner goalies.

12 Diamond:
This mesh offers the perfect balance between hold and passing ability. Its pocket is only moderately difficult to break in, and it will hold its pocket well through wet and cold weather. It is well suited for players of all ability levels.

20 Diamond:
This mesh has three more diamonds than regular hard goalie mesh and therefore supplies a slightly deeper pocket.


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