O-Liminator Odor Eliminator 2-Pack

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3 Key Points about O-Liminator

1) O-Liminator 100% Inhibits bacteria growth of MRSA, e-coli and Staph infection
2) O-Liminator absorbs moisture that causes bacteria to grow (this is why a spray is not effective)
3) O-Liminator has, 2 proprietary levels of a "true" odor eliminator to pull out those nasty odors

Having Problems with Odor?

  • 100% Effective on inhibiting bacterial producing odors
  • Eliminates odor and lasts up to 60 days
  • Silipab moisture absorber - Keeps moisture out
  • Guaranteed to Get The Stink Out!

Use in your Sport Bags, Lacrosse, Hockey and Soccer Equipment, Shoes, Sneakers, Work Boots, Cars, Closets, Lockers, Athletic Gear, Pet Beds, Litter Boxes, Campers, RV's, Boats or just around the house.

The best way to eliminate odors is to attack the area with 100% concentration, without using a straight liquid concentrate, NOW the strongest formula in a dry pellet form is available.

To conquer bacteria, odors and moisture buildup the O-Liminator was developed. It is made from a proprietary multi-component compound and utilizes the "5-B's-smell-fighter" technology that STOPS odors in their tracks. These conveniently sized mesh packets 3" X 4"; make it easy to place directly in golf shoes, skates, gloves and sport bags. They eliminate bacteria, odors and pull out moisture after each use and continue to freshen the equipment until used again.

O-Liminator Test studies and testimonials have proven O-Liminator to work better than alcohol and other bacteria and enzyme based products. The dry pellet packets are easier-to-use than liquid or spray formulas. The beauty is you pull the packets out when you are ready to use your gear, and put them back in when you are finished. The active formula works when you are not using the gear!!!