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Behind Lacrosse DVD Shoot Like a Pro with Tom Marechek

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Tom is one of the most prolific goal scorers in the history of the game. Tom has it all: quickness, strength and great stick skills. He is a tremendously versatile shooter that can elude any goalie on the planet. Tom played at Syracuse University and then began his professional career with the NLL in 1994 with the Philadelphia Wings, retiring in 2005, but remains competitive today with the Baltimore Bayhawks of the MLL.

DVD is approximately 35 minutes and features:
The Set Shot
On the Run
In Close
Behind the Back
Between the Legs
Around the World
Wall Ball
Goalie Warm-Up
Highlight Footage

Tom's Stats:
Syracuse University: 182 career goals (2nd), 258 points (4th), NCAA Division I Champion (1989 & 1990), NCAA Division I Runner-up (1991 & 1992), 1st Team All-American three straight years (1990-92), Captain during Senior Year (1992) Philadelphia Wings: Rookie of the Year (1994), NLL Champion (1994, 1995, 1998 & 2001), Wings all-time leading scorer with 773 points on 399 goals and 374 assists, #42 Jersey Retired (2006), 8 All-Pro Selections, NLL Hall of Fame Inductee (2007) Baltimore Bayhawks: 4th Overall pick in the inaugural MLL, Named to All-Star Team four years straight, MLL Champion (2002 & 2005)

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Backdoor Sports Wall Drills - Individual Skills Lacrosse DVD

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The Wall Drills DVD is produced specifically for the Laxback and Practice Wall, but any wall will work. Whether you have another brand of rebounder wall or you use a concrete wall, you'll find the simple drills to be beneficial for developing the basic catching, throwing, switching hands, shooting and footwork skills every player needs.

The DVD is about 30 minutes long, has chapter markers for each drill so that you can easily skip to or review drills, has narration describing the drill while it is being demonstrated and gives examples of when you would use the skill in a game. Pointers on what to focus on, what not to do, and variations for beginners to experienced players will surely help you get the most out of your Laxback and help you practice to be a better player. There are even drills for two people so that you can have competitions or games with friends or family members while practicing.

The following topics are covered in the DVD:

  • Hand and Stick Position
  • Catching
  • Right and Left Hand
  • Switching Hands:

    • with ball
    • without ball

  • Quickstick
  • Backhand Catching:

    • stationary
    • while moving

  • One Hand:

    • overhand
    • sidearm
    • underhand

  • Two Person Drills:

    • changing hands inside
    • changing hands outside
    • shooting
    • calling out placement

  • Using Targets
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Winning Lacrosse Beginning Girls Lax Skills & Drills - DVD

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Master the Basics?

Learn the fundamentals of lacrosse with one of America's top women's lacrosse coaches! With beginning players and their coaches in mind, University of North Carolina Head Coach Jenny Levy shares her secrets to mastering the basics of the sport.

"Jenny Levy know's what's important, and breaks down the game's fundamentals into easy to run drills. This DVD offers great instruction for girls who are new to the game" Kerstin Kimel - Head Coach, Duke University

Division I quality instruction offered for:

  • Cradling
  • Dodging and Movement
  • Passing and Catching
  • Ground Balls
  • Shooting

Running Time: 32 Minutes