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In this video the Trice from breaks down the Warrior Wall Box Goalie Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here for, and today we're breaking down the Warrior Wall Box Goalie Lacrosse Head. I just want you guys to realize how big this thing is. I mean if I stand it up on the table the end of the throat's looking me eye to eye. We're talking 26 inches from the tip of the scoop to the end of the throat, and you've got about 15 and a half inches at its widest point of the head here. The dimensions on this are actually the same dimensions that say a traditional wooden goalie lacrosse stick would be. It is CLA or Canadian Lacrosse Association approved, so you're good to go there. You've got tons of five hole coverage here. They do string it with 17 diamond soft mesh, with the two straight and the one U shooters. Tons of extra mesh, tons of extra string in case you wanted to change some stuff up, you can. Incredible, incredible coverage. If you...I'll show a picture right up here. Right here there's actually a brick wall layout with a Maple leaf Canadian flag emblem in there. I have these available in the white see my hands as well as black, royal blue, and red. All strung same with the matching shooters. Guys this is an enormous goalie head. But that's going to pretty much wrap up the overview for your Warrior Wall Box Goalie Lacrosse Head. If you liked the video go ahead please throw me a like. If you want to you can click the link just below me here to subscribe our YouTube channel, or you can click the link right over here to go straight to and check out any of the other sweet goalie stuff that we've got on the site. Other than that guys thanks for watching, have a great day.

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