Video of Warrior Regulator X Lacrosse Head video of Warrior Regulator X Lacrosse Head

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In this video Jack Piatelli from Warrior Lacrosse shows off their Regulator Heads.

Transcript of the video:
Jack: Really excited about the new Regulator Head, Warrior designed, it's all-purpose head. Any player on the field can use this head because it's lightweight, has a lot of durability. It has a new lock throat system, so you defensemen who have problems with rattling, and even some of you face-off guys, the lock system locks your shaft into place, and then when you put a screw in it, it actually tightens up, so you should never have any rattle on your head. The lock throat is only going to be available in the regular head. This is the X-version. We also make it available in the high school version. Face-off, defense, attack, great head for all positions.

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