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In this video Trice from breaks down the details of the Warrior regulator X Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going, everybody? This is Trice here with And today, we're breaking down the Warrior Regulator X Spec Lacrosse Head. Let's go ahead and dive right in. All right guys, so right here I have the Warrior Regulator X Spec Lacrosse Head. We're going to take a quick look at some of the details. Before I do that, and break it down too much, I'm going to throw it on the scale for you. So, let's go ahead and check out the digits on this real quick. Right at a flat 6 ounces. Six ounces is going to be a nice weight for this head. This head is designed for your midfielder and defensemen. We're going to get up close and personal, taking a look at the details. Let's start this. Let's get this focused here on the throat. First off, you're going to notice a really clean, gold throat jewel right here. Let's see if I can pull it in and show you guys. Inside, there's a geometric pattern. You can see it right here. That's carried throughout the whole head. It's got a nice clean ball-stop here. The ball-stop, you'll see, reads "LOC-Throat." That LOC-Throat is actually on the inside, here. And what that does is, when you apply this to your shaft, and you insert your screw from the back side, the screw comes through. And it's going to push against this piece and open these guys up, all around. It reduces head rattle, basically just eliminates it. That's a really nice, patent-pending touch on the Regulator here. As we come up, I'll drop this down a little bit so you can see. You'll see it's got a nice true offset, so we're dropping the sidewall down from the centerline of your shaft, which is going to give you a nice, deep pocket. Speaking of pockets, this has what they're calling a mid-high sidewall design to bring your pocket up, to give you a lot of extra power and reliability in holding the ball. It's got SYMRAIL sidewalls. SYMRAIL is where they have matched the interior of the braces to the exterior. And that shaves off a great amount of weight without reducing any of the stability or durability of the head. It's a very strong head. As I've said, it is for midfield and defense. Come up to the scoop. Again, you'll see that geometric pattern carried all the way through. Nice and clean. On the other side here, you have plenty of stringing holes, so your options are endless. You can really try to pinpoint the pocket exactly where you need. But again, this is a mid-high sidewall design aimed at bringing your pocket up just a little bit. Nice "Warrior" stamp here. Again, this is an X Spec single screw-hole on the back. They've got "Regulator" here across the top of the rail. It's got a really nice face shape on it. Let's get that focused for you. Look at the nice face shape. Again, weighs in at 6 ounces. This here is going to wrap up your Warrior Regulator X Spec Lacrosse Head. Go ahead and check this out at

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