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In this video Trice from highlights the details on the Warrior Regulator Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here at, and today we're gonna break down Warrior's Regulator Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go ahead and dive into these details. Alright guys, so here I've got the Regulator Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Warrior. We're gonna go ahead and get this weighed out for you. This does have an endcap on it so the weight will be with an endcap game ready. And then, I'll go ahead and break down the details for you. So, let's do this. My scale turned on for you. Like I said with an endcap, It's coming in 6.5 ounces. It's a nice weight for the shaft. It really doesn't feel too heavy in the hands. We're gonna start with the graphics. They're really simple. As we get this focused, you'll notice its got this kind of texture to it. They call that the diamond grip. The diamond grip runs the full length of this shaft, feels really clean in the hands, nice and smooth. But when you need it to come to a stop, it's just apply a little pressure in your hands and it'll screech to a halt. So, the regulator logo and graphic is really clean on this black background. It's a flat matte black finish. Now Warrior across the top here. As we come down towards your butt end, you'll see this powered by Dolo-Pro. Dolo-Pro is the material that they're using in construction. It's Warrior's strongest alloy blend and a great part about it is, as you can see, it's made in the USA. So, you're gonna have a great deal of strength through the shaft all along with knowing and having the pride that it is constructed in the United States. Pull it down to this end, you'll notice the die shape on this, they've called this the power die. That's new for Warrior. It's gonna give you superior grip because there's actually a ridge right here. You can see that in the light. That ridge is gonna rest right in your fingers, but the main point in it is its going to reduce the torquing. Any kind of resistant and bending or torquing. It's gonna really greatly improve your game. It's a really nice, clean shaft. Again, full diamond grips, so that runs the full length of the shaft. Comes with a nice simple Warrior butt-end there. And that guys, that's gonna wrap up the Warrior Regulator Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Go ahead and check these out at

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