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In this video Trice from shows off the Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with and today we're getting up close and personal with Warrior's Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves. Let's go ahead and break these down. Alright guys, so I've got right here your Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves. I'm going to show you guys the details on these, break them down for you one by one. Let's jump right in. What I went ahead and did was I threw one on so you guys could take a look at the dexterity in your fingers, along with your thumb here. Let me get this focused so you can see this a little better. First thing I'm going to show you is the breaks in the thumb. As you can see you've got one, two, three, four breaks in the thumb. That's going to give you unmatched mobility in the thumb along with a really clean, embroidered logo there at the end of your thumb. On top of that you've got additional breaks all through the fingers. Again, unmatched dexterity through here. When I flip this over to the palm you'll notice this textured Nash palm that's inside. That's going to give you a great amount of durability on these gloves, along with superior stick feel and feedback. Here we've got a large true vent system, so in conjunction between this vent here, the holes through your fingers, and then on top of that the vents on the backside of your hand, that's going to keep you nice and dry during gameplay, which is really nice and important. We've got a floating wrist cuff here. The wrist cuff itself is attached with these small pieces of elastic here on the side, so it's not going anywhere, but it's going to offer you great protection while your wrist is flexed. Not to mention, just padding all through. The whole glove is dual density foam. So, that's going to be a nice, lightweight, pliable protection, but the dual density is going to absorb impacts very well. These guys are going to be available in a black and white as you can see here, a royal blue and white, a gray and white, red and white, and navy blue and white. So go ahead and check these guys out at

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