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In this video Trice from highlights the details on the Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today I'm bringing you the Warrior Regulator High School Spec Lacrosse Head. Let's go ahead and check out some of these details. All right guys. So, here I have the Warrior Regulator High School Spec White Lacrosse Head. We're going to go ahead and put this on a scale, let you guys take a look at the weight, and then I'm going to break down the details for you. So let's go ahead and jump right in. Let that calm down. You've got 5.8 ounces on the scale. Now that's a pretty stiff, nice weighted head for this guy here. Seeing that this is designed for your midfielder and defense men, that's going to be a nice, hefty weight for this head. We're gonna start here at the throat and work our way around, and then we'll end with this crazy contraption inside called the Loc-Throat. So I'm going to pull this up nice and tight let this focus for you. Here we go. So starting here you're going to notice a nice, gold jewel with the Warrior logo right on the throat and then behind it you can see this geometric pattern. Warriors carried this pattern all the way through the head. They've got a nice ball stop here as you can see Loc-Throat. Now the Loc-Throat is inside the throat, and I'll get to that just a minute. As we come around, we've got a nice touch here with Regulator across the top of your rail and your sidewall here again. Like I said, I'm gonna pull this in. Get this focused. There we go. Now you can see that pattern. Like I said, they carry that through the whole head. Now on your sidewall here, they've got the sym-rail. The sym-rail is their way of reducing weight while adding stiffness to it so it's got a very high vertical stiffness. It's still got a great amount of stiffness here. Coming down the sidewall, you'll see it's got a mid high sidewall for when you're looking for a higher pocket placement giving you added power on your shots. But they do give you 18 stringing holes along the sides so you have plenty of options when it comes to stringing. Come to the inside here, you got your scoop. Again, same thing. That pattern is carried throughout the whole head. Come to the inside of the scoop here. As you can see, six holes across the top. Bring it back around on this side. Really clean with that pattern. Like I said, they did a good job carrying that all the way through. Very clean head. On the back side here you have the "HS" for high school. Like I said, this is a high school spec. Got the Warrior along the side here and then this is what everybody wants to know about. This here. this is the Loc-Throat design technology. What this does, is when you insert your screw through the back into the shaft, the screw is gonna come into here and it's gonna press this piece forward. It's gonna pull this piece back open these two out to the side. And what that does is, it eliminates head rattle. Like I said, this is a defense and midfield designed head and they deal with that quite a bit. So, this is gonna take that right out of play and you're gonna get great performance out of this head. It's a really nice stiff head. Clean all the way around but that's going to wrap it up for your High School Spec Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Head. Go ahead and check these out at

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