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In this video Trice from breaks down the details on the Warrior Rabil Ultralyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here, with And today, with a little help from my main man, Stan, I'm breaking down the Rabil Ultralyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads from Warrior. Let's go ahead and break these down for you. So right off, you're going to notice this guy right here. This is the D30 Smart Skin sternum pad. This is a three piece pad. It's got a TPU upper layer, D30 aero foam underneath. And then, inside the pad, there's a ventilation system. So they have actually welded this sternum pad to the base layer, and the sternum pad's going to give you a very low profile sternum pad, which is not going to inhibit any movement. But you'll have superior high-impact protection with this based off the D30 aero foam construction. They carry that D30 aero foam all the way through your shoulder caps and down into this little rib pad here. And D30, what that is is a style of foam that remains soft and pliable when it's not impacted, and upon impact, it's molecules will line up and it becomes rigid, absorbs the impact, and then it releases back into the soft and pliable fashion. When I spin Stan around, you'll notice that there's no straps on the back of this pad. It's a compression style fit, so it goes on much like a shirt does. It's going to be a very nice, low profile pad all around. It's not going to inhibit any movement. It's not going to reduce your flexibility. You're going to have a great range of mobility through this, with this pad. On the bottom side here, along the ribs, on the inside they've got the Rabil logo printed in a non-slip gel print pad. That's going to keep the pads right where you want them. And then they take all these pads and place them on top of the Wartech FNC compression liner, which is going to give you great moisture wicking. It's going to keep it nice and fresh inside the bag. These aren't going to get nasty on you. And all together, it's a very low profile clean pad, you know, designed for your elite level player. That, right there, is going to wrap up your overview for the Rabil Ultralyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads from Warrior. Go ahead and check these out on Thanks for watching.