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In this video Trice from goes over the details on the Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice here with and today we're breaking down the the Rabil Lacrosse Gloves from Warrior. Let's go ahead and check these guys out. Alright guys, so right here I've got the Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Gloves sitting out for you. I'm going to go ahead and break down the details on these guys, show you some of the high points and let's jump right into it. So what I went ahead and did was I went ahead and slipped on one for you, just so you can see the amount of dexterity in my fingers here. There are a ton of breaks on these here. I'm going to focus this so you can see it. Here we go. Now you get a ton of breaks in the fingers, a lot of dexterity, same with the thumb here. We're looking at one, two, three, four, there's five breaks right here in the thumb. You're going to have an incredible amount of feel and stick feedback in the palm of your hands with this guy, but to get to the details, we've got a nice AX Suede palm and this palm is actually what they call a fit-palm. You see right here, this is a lycra insert, so it stretches when you open your hand up and then on top of that they've got a really nice ventilation system. You can see dual holes all through the fingers. This is a nice vent, another large vent here and then when I flip my hand over, underneath the top padding is even more ventilation here. Then I can actually get my finger underneath the second pad here and that's all ventilation into the hand. Going to keep you nice and dry. On top of the ventilation they also give you the Warrior FNC liner on the inside. So that's going to be top of the line moisture wicking, again keeping your hands dry when you need to. For protection on this glove. Along the thumb through here on your web, tops of your fingers and then again here, on this pad here, that's all D30 Aero Foam. So what that foam's going to do is it's going to have you...superior impact protection while still remaining light and pliable when need to be, but when it's hit, it actually locks, goes solid and absorbs the impact. Another really cool feature on these gloves is the wrist cuff. They call this the Total Flex Cuff. So as you can see as I turn my hand, my wrist flexion, I don't lose any protection here. When you're receiving checks, you want that cuff in place and that's really going to help you out. As you can see right there, it floats with your hand. Nice styling cues all over the glove. The Rabil logo is really clean. Warrior again here on this side. Really just all around nice gloves. Again Rabil logo right there on the tip of the thumb and these gloves guys, they're going to be available in this black that you see here, in white, navy blue, royal blue and red. So go ahead and check these out at

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