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In this video Trice from shows off the details of the Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Arm Pads.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice with, and today we're breaking down the Rabil Lacrosse Arm Pads from Warrior. Let's go ahead and check these out. Alright, guys. So right here I've got the Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Arm Pads. I'm going to go ahead and break down these details for you, and let's check them out one by one. So let's do this. Alright. So right off the bat, you're going to notice it's just a really cleanly designed arm pad. You'll see that it's a little bit shorter length. This is designed with your midi in mind. We're looking at giving you a shorter length pad while still providing you ultimate protection, and it's really going to help with the range of motion. Let's see if I can come in close here. See if you can see this in the light. On these black parts, like the cap here and the upper part of your arm on your bicep, it has this kind of really faint, almost camouflage look to it which is really kind of cool. Nice Velcro strap here for the top of your bicep here. And down here, we've got the D30 Smart Skin, which is actually heat welded right to the base layer, which... The base layer is a comfort sleeve. It's a very nice comfort sleeve here, but this D30 Smart Skin... What this is going to do is going to give you a low profile pad without sacrificing any protection because the D30 has an extreme high impact protection quality to it. Again, it's very soft and flexible, until it's brought upon impact where then it will lock up. It's going to absorb the impact and then release itself back into the softer pliable fashion. This elbow cap here is a floating cap so that's really nice. As you can see, it's got the WarTech FNC so that's going to keep you nice and dry and, like I said, this comfort sleeve is going to help with a lot of comfort and mobility. It's got a non-slip gel print on both the bicep and the lower side of the forearm here. Really it is a nice pad all around, and that D30 foam is actually carried through your Smart Skin here and then again up top on the side where your Velcro is. This chunk right here is also the D30 Aerofoam. So where you're going to be receiving the checks the most, that's going to be where they've got that material placed, and with these being Rabil arm pads you know they're designed with number 99, so they've got your midi in mind looking, like i said, for that range of motion that you're requiring. And that's pretty much going to wrap up the overview for your Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Arm Pads. Go ahead and check these out at, and thanks for watching.

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