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The NOZ lacrosse head became a huge hit for face offs.   And a favorite for middies and offensive players.   This head is LIGHT.  Nitrogen is used in production to provide air pockets in the head that both strengthen and lighten the head.  The NOZ head was so popular that in the past few years the limited production runs have sold out each year.  Some customers buy a hand full of heads each time so they don't run out.  One complaint on the original NOZ was the limited number of stringing holes.  So they fixed that and now you have the NOZ 2.  They din't change the good features, just added the holes that the players wanted.

  • Now with 17 individual sidewall holes (the only change from the NOZ!)
  • Same great face shape and flex profile
  • Exclusive NOZ technology drastically reduced weight
  • Limited Quantities - get them before they're gone!

Here are a few reviews from customers who purchased the original NOZ head:

"My favorite head of all time, used one all four years of my college career perfect for an offensive player"

"I'm a FOGO and this is great. It has the perfect feel for me and also this is great for a crease middie. I recommend this for Middies and FOGOs."

"I strung it up with a mid low pocket with a tight channel it is wonderful!"

In this video Trice from highlights the upgrades introduced to the Warrior NOZ 2 X Limited Edition Lacrosse Head.

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