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In this video Trice with shows off the Warrior No Noz 2 X Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
Whats going on guys, this is the Trice here with, and today we're gonna break down the Warrior NO NOZ 2 X lacrosse head. Let's go ahead and jump right into the details. All right guys, right here, I have Warrior's NO NOZ 2 X lacrosse head. We're going to go ahead and get this up on the scale for you, and then break down to details. Let that calm down...on the scale...right at an even five ounces. Of course, that puts this head just slightly heavier than its predecessor, the NOZ 2 X, but that would make sense, seeing that this is that head minus the nitrogen injection in the side wall here. It's going to make it a slightly stiffer head, slightly heavier head, a little just beefier all around but other than that, it is the same head, it's the same face shape, it still has seventeen side wall holes down the side. Same strip design here, It is that head, just without the nitrogen. So if you're looking for a slightly stiffer head than that NOZ, because this one doesn't have nearly the flex in it, this is going to be the head for you. It's really clean, and then once I pull it up in here, it's got that nice NO NOZ emblem up at the top, and then we come around, same side wall again, 17 sidewall holes. Stringing pattern, really whatever you're looking for, it's got a nice offset here, I'm going to get this focused for you, decent amount of offset there, warrior logo here, another warrior logo there. All right guys, I hope you enjoyed the overview on the NO NOZ 2 X lacrosse head by Warrior. If you did, please go ahead, don't be shy, go ahead and throw me a like, if you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And click right over here to go straight to, or you could choose one of these two links to either check out the video for the NOZ 2 X lacrosse head, again from Warrior, or you could click right over here and I'll send you straight to the search to look at the many of the other wonderful lacrosse heads by Warrior that we have here at, and as always guys, thanks for watching.

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