Video of Warrior Nemesis 2 Neon Colored Goalie Lacrosse Head video of Warrior Nemesis 2 Neon Colored Goalie Lacrosse Head

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In this video Mike with Warrior Lacrosse shows you the Nemesis 2 Goalie Head, Featuring the new Sym-Rail Twist in the sidewall.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, Mike from Warrior Lacrosse here down at SportsStop to talk to you about the Nemesis 2 Goalie Head for the elite level goalie. This head is stiff, durable and reactive, and is arguably the most balanced goalie head in the game. The Nemesis 2 Goalie Head from Warrior, equipped with SYMRail Twist Technology in the sidewall is light in the head without sacrificing any strength, and also been equipped with max stringing holes for pocket customization, with a little bit of a tighter V scoop giving you better outlets on the passes. This head, next to the Nemesis Lyte, makes it a lot more obvious where they've lightened this head and removed material. If you see the thickness of this side wall compared to the new SYMRail Twist design, you see they've removed a lot of material from the sidewall and from the interior of the sidewall. This also allows for more stringing holes and pocket customization. The Nemesis 2 head has been a great improvement from the Nemesis Lyte, and is a great head for the elite level goalie.