Video of Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up Set with Goal, Sticks, & Balls video of Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up Set with Goal, Sticks, & Balls

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In this video Trice breaks down the details on the Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up Set with Goal, Sticks, and Balls.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down the Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up Set from Warrior. Let's go ahead and jump right in. All right, guys. So I went ahead and put the pop-up set outside. We're gonna go ahead and rip open the bags. It comes with two carrying cases, one for the goal itself, and then one for the sticks and lacrosse balls that it comes with, but we'll go ahead and rip these open for you. All right. With the sticks, it's pretty sweet. I mean, they give you the carrying case which is nice, but you're gonna get two mini Evo 4s, you get a mini Nemesis Goalie stick here, and then it also comes with two miniature lacrosse balls. They're the soft, foam-type. And in the goal bag you get the goal itself, and then you get these two small stakes that go along the side of the goal. So you take this and just open it up. Take your stake, just like a tent stake, and it goes just inside this little zippered sleeve here. And they give you one for each side. There you go. So the goal itself is...It's double-sided. So as you can see, you get the one completely open side, and if you flip it over, you get the side that's got the five targets on there. So you see you get the four corners, the A hole down here, and the goalie's legs. And Evo 4s are nice. It's like a soft mesh that's inside. Comes with a straight-up top and then the U-shooter. It's an alloy shaft, so it's a good deal all around. And then the best part about these is if you wanted to, you could totally take them...You could take it inside. Perhaps like your video room, or say your basement, or bedroom, or maybe any of these other places. What about the moon? Maybe you could take it inside, like, say, your work desk. Maybe the beach. Maybe even in a busy warehouse. Male: Comin' through. Trice: All right guys, that's pretty much gonna wrap it up for the Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up Set. Again, that comes with the two mini Evo 4s, you get the mini Nemesis Goalie stick here, you get the two foam, soft lacrosse balls, plus the goal that's got the two sides, the open net side and the targeted side. It's a really great deal, great gift idea, really just something fun to have around the house. It's compact, so it stays in the car really well if you wanna travel with it. You can take it anywhere, really. It sets up in just seconds. But again, that's Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop-Up set. Go ahead and check that out at Thanks for watching.