Video of Warrior Evo Lacrosse Arm Pads - 2016 Model video of Warrior Evo Lacrosse Arm Pads - 2016 Model

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In this video Mike with shows you the Evo Arm Pads featuring the D30 Aero Impact Technology.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong from and these are the Warrior Evo Arm Pads. The Evo Arm Pads use Warrior's D30 Aero foam which dramatically increase protection without sacrificing weight or flexibility. It's going to be a great option for your league level offensive player or defensemen looking for a little extra protection. The Evo Arm Pads have a three-piece design to improve flexibility. They use DPS foam for increased ventilation. Have two adjustable straps for an improved fit. Use a full sleeve and gel print to reduce slipping. Check out the Warrior Evo Arm Pad at today.

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