Video of Warrior Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft video of Warrior Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Mike with Warrior Lacrosse shows you the anodized graphic for no wear off featured on the Burn Pro Handle.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, Mike from Warrior here at to tell you about the new Burn Pro Lacrosse Shaft. Here's a close look at the Warrior Burn Pro Shaft made from the Warrior Krypto Pro metal which is it's European grade lightest and strongest material. It's gonna perform great on the field. It's got a new updated Burn Pro graphic. This is the non-grip version of this shaft so the guys that want that smooth grip for hand transition, this is definitely the route to go down. And the Burn Pro replacing the Krypto Pro is now gonna be Warrior's top of the line shaft for the elite level player. Pick it up now at

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