Video of Warrior Burn Hitlyte 15 Grey Lacrosse Shoulder Pads video of Warrior Burn Hitlyte 15 Grey Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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In this video the Mike with goes over the Hitlyte Shoulder Pads, designed for a low profile while still providing protection.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong, with and these are the Warrior Burn Hitlyte Shoulder Pads. Burn Hitlyte Shoulder Pads use Warrior's VPS foam, which allow air to pass directly through the foam to improve ventilation while increasing comfort. The Burn Hitlytes use multiple breaks along the shoulder to increase flexibility, comfort and fit. They have a raised sternum and spine protection. They utilize Warrior's war tech interior moisture wicking material. Also have the two sided velcro in the front and the in back, for increased adjustability and fit. The Burn Hitlytes are going to be a great option for defenseman and offenseman looking for a little bit more mobility. Check out the Burn Hitlytes at today.