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In this video Trice explains the details on the Warrior Blade OG X Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with and today we're breaking down the Warrior Blade OG X Lacrosse Head, so go ahead and check this guy out. All right guys, so, right here I've got the Warrior Blade OG X Lacrosse Head. I'm going to go ahead and get it thrown up on the scale, let you guys take a look at the weight and then we'll break down the details one by one, so let's check this out. On the scale here, she weighs in right there at six ounces flat; for this head, that's going to be a nice weight. This head is designed to take a lot of punishment for being designed pretty much with the face off and the middie guys in mind the entire time. This is just like the original Blade head from 2001, same materials, same stringing patterns. The only thing that's changed is now it's an 'X' spec, which is great for all the college guys that missed out on the Blade OG. There's the X there, single screw hole, really minimal on the stringing holes here, just like the original blade and the Blade OG; really trying to keep that classic feel. Nice sidewall pattern here. Super flared face shape, I mean, let's get this focused here. Look at the flare coming through there; there's your scoop, flare on the other side. Four strand holes across the top, again, kept it really minimal for that classic look. Produced with the same materials from the Blade back from 2001, which was an extremely popular face-off head for obvious reasons. I mean, it functions just like you need it to. But that, guys, is going to wrap up the overview on the Blade OG X from Warrior. Go ahead and check that out at Thanks for watching.

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