Warrior Blade OG X Head with String King Type 3S Kit and Epoch Dragonfly F30 Gen.6 Shaft - Face-Off Lacrosse Stick Bundle | SportStop

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High end equipment bundled together for an amazing value.


Unstrung, White

$160 MSRP

The Warrior Blade OG X Limited Edition head is here. After much anticipation, the wait is over for a universal spec version of the infamous Blade. The original Blade originated back in 2001 and was an instant hit. It quickly became one of the most popular and fast selling middie heads in the game, especially when it came to face-offs. Just like the original, the Blade OG X features the same super-flared face and classic sidewall look. Be aware though that this head is being produced in limited quantities.

  • Ideal for middie and face-off positions
  • Super-flared face and classic sidewall
  • Comprised from the same materials as the original
  • X Specs - For all levels of play
  • Minimal String holes to maintain classic look
  • Designed for intermediate and advanced play


White, Semi-Soft

$35 MSRP

The third generation of Performance Mesh gives players more control than ever with new Twistex Technology.

  • Semi-soft
  • Hardness: 2 out of 10
  • For players who prefer a shifting, softer pocket


  • 1 Performance Mesh Type 3S
  • 4 Sidewall Strings
  • 1 Bottom Lace
  • 3 Shooting Laces
  • 2 Shooting Cords

Why Performance Mesh Type 3?

  • Accuracy - Adding twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with a rigid backbone for ultimate consistency.
  • Control - Twistex Technology increases elasticity and texture in the yarns. This gives Type 3 the perfect amount of stretch and feel for ultimate control.
  • Speed - Twistex Technology allows us to make Type 3 15% thinner and lighter than Type 2 while maintaining durability and a rigid backbone for your pocket.


Carbon Grey

$150 MSRP

The F30 is specifically designed for Faceoff specialists. The MotoGrip design maximizes clamping power and speed by improving the connection between a player's hand and shaft. If competing at the X is your game, the F30 is a must.

Generation: Gen.6

Position: Attack/Midfield

Length: 30"

Geometry: FOGO

Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber

Flex: iQ5

Top Coat: Slip/Grip

Release Point: Uniform

Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology

Torque Box: Yes

Reload Technology: Yes

Warranty: 1-Year

Dragonfly Gen. 6:

To develop the Gen.6 Dragonfly, Epoch pushed their engineers harder than ever before. The jump from Gen.5 to Gen.6 is the greatest increase in shaft technology Epoch has ever released. With the introduction of the Torque Box, Epoch has once again reinvented the lacrosse shaft.

Torque Box:

By understanding the dynamics and forces present in lacrosse, Epoch developed Torque Box technology to maintain the continuity of the shaft's geometry and maximize energy transfer to the head during a pass or shot. As a lacrosse shaft moves during the act of shooting, the force generated puts stress on the fibers causing the shaft to flex. As a conventional composite shaft flexes, the natural geometry of the shaft can be compromised initiating ovalization of the shaft, resulting in the loss of energy. Epoch's exclusive Torque Box Technology works by making specific changes to critical carbon fiber layers to minimize this phenomenon. Torque Box technology improves and optimizes the transfer of energy in the shaft, maximizing performance and playability.

Reload Technology:

When passing or shooting, a load is introduced to the shaft causing it to flex back, which causes the carbon fibers to be stretched along the front of the shaft and compressed along the back. Reload Technology takes advantage of this situation by using low F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) and high-modulus carbon fiber, which creates urgency for the fibers to return to their natural position for maximum recoil.

Advanced Carbon Layering:

The key to Epoch technology is its Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.). With Gen.6 Epoch improves the A.C.L vs. previous generations by varying the lengths of the carbon fiber flags (raw material). By focusing the strength through the center of the shaft, weight can be reduced near the ends.

"Kick"Your Game Up:

Epoch's Uniform Release point is designed to maximize shaft performance by creating a natural kick-point or flex point just above your top hand, when shooting and passing.

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