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In this video Trice with goes over the Strategy Shoulder Pads, featuring Molded Skin to reduce weight.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going everybody. This is Trice over at, here with my main man Stan today. We're gonna be talking to you guys about the Under Armour Strategy Lacrosse shoulder pads. First off, you guys are gonna notice the molded skin technology they're utilizing here, for a greater range of motion throughout game play, and improved weight reduction throughout the entire pad setup. It's also got the internal heat gear liner here for superior moisture transport, as well as utilizing a floating shoulder cap for improved flexibility and comfort. As well as an additional sternum pad for greater impact protection. This pad setup's geared more toward your entry level player, coming in a large, medium, small, and extra small size range, and only available in the grey and red color scheme you see here. Thanks for watching.