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In this video Trice with breaks down the Under Armour Command U Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down the Under Armour Command U Lacrosse Head. Let's go ahead and get a nice look at the details on this guy. All right guys, so right here, I have the Under Armour Command U Lacrosse Heads. So as you can see, they're available in a black option, a really clean gray, and then an ultra-clean white. Before I go too far into the details on this guy, if you want to, just take a quick look up at this corner up here, and you'll see the scale. She tips the scales right there at 5.3 ounces, which makes this a fairly lightweight head. That's really nice and sturdy. We're just going to take a tour around it, really take a look at some of the details. Starting here, when I'm holding it like this, you can see it's got this really nice maximum offset here. Which is going to give you a ton of power and a great amount of feedback from where the ball is sitting in the pocket. And with 18 string holes down the side wall, you really have a ton of options where you want to place that pocket. But they've got the bracing and the side wall bottom rail here. Really aimed at that mid-pocket design. As you can see, it's got these three struts. And those three struts give it a ton of vertical strength. Horizontal, it's a very stiff head, which is really ultra-durable. It's going to last a while. This head is really, really nice and beefy and strong. But let's start off with the throat here. Styling cues-wise it's got that really awesome Under Armour logo and this grid pattern that's kind of all through the whole head. Really clean ball stop too. I mean that's a nice rubber ball stop. And as I flip it over you'll notice the Made in USA, which is really nice. And then that Command. Again, 18 stringing holes, really opening up the options for you. The face shape is really nice. It's got a pretty nice pinch to it. See if I can get that focused for you. There we go. It's got a nice pinch, decent flair, and a nice round scoop up top. And then on the back side of the scoop, you'll see these little ribs here. And what these ribs are are the Glide Scoop technology that they've incorporated into the head, and that's aiming at making it to where you can ground a ball with this head at any angle, regardless of the angle that you approach this ball from. You're going to have it in the head once you run past it. So it's really awesome with these little ribs. And then, more of that grid pattern on the back side of the sixth string. On four of the six stringing holes up top. Really clean, nice styling cues. It's got a few flat spots, a few gloss spots. All constructed with an all-weather nylon material to stand up and perform fantastically regardless of whether or not you're in extreme heat or extreme cold. The temperatures aren't going to affect this head. It's really really nice. And again that offset is just going to give you a ton of power and a ton of feedback on the ball position in the head. But again, this is available in the white, the black, and the gray you see in the background. Well, guys, that's going to wrap up the Under Armour Command U Lacrosse Head. So go ahead and check this out on Thanks for watching

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