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In this video the Trice from goes over the Fiber Mesh and Fiber System from Throne of String.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice with and today we're taking a quick look at the Fiber System from Throne Lacrosse. The whole system is comprised of three separate parts: there is the mesh, you have the strings, and then the shooters. They all work together as they share the same fiber. In fact that's how the whole system got its name. It's from when Throne Lacrosse was actually developing the product, they started from scratch with one single new fiber which led to a whole new manufacturing. But each three pieces of the system are comprised using that fiber, so they all work together for a great harmony between durability and feel and control and light weight. It all comes together because they're all sharing that same fiber but as I said, there is the mesh, which is available in white, red, black and white or the blue-black and white. You have the strings which is white, blue ,red, yellow, green, orange, and black and then lastly the shooters which is black, green, white, blue, and orange. Let's get in a nice in-depth look on the mesh like this. Alright guys, so here is the mesh from the Fiber System from Throne. Before we even look at the mesh, I wanna show you this - check this out. This is the packaging. Honestly, this is awesome. Focus that for me. It's like this little tic tac box looking thing, both flaps open up so you can get the mesh out of course. That's pretty snazzy and all three pieces come in this same the mesh, the strings, and the shooters all come with this same little case, that's pretty fancy. But to get into the actual heart and soul of this, here is the mesh. Before I show you the white mesh, this is the blue-black and white. This is pretty crazy, it's like a two color stripe right there with white and then the edges again. Same fiber tagging on the backside of that fiber tag is the Throne logo. And then, here's the red-black and white, you can see that a little better. Again, same tag, same song too, it's the main color with that black accent and then white. Just looks really clean. But here is the real deal. So this is the white and this is exactly what it looks like when it comes out of the packaging. I'll fold it up nice and neat like this. Very clean packaging all around. And we open it up, standard piece of mesh. But let's get nice and up close on this stuff. So you get it opened up. I can feel in my hands that this is light weight stuff. This is actually pretty crazy. So let's see. So they've got cross weave on the mesh which is the weaving pattern that they're using. And between the fiber and the cross weave itself, this mesh is about 10% lighter than your standard performance mesh. In fact, if you look right here, I'll throw a screen up here so you can see me put it on scale for you. Really nice feeling mesh in your hands. Yeah, it's about 10% lighter with the cross weave and the new fiber. And on top of that, they're introducing hex diamond technology. So between the diamond and the cross weave, so the texture from the cross weave, the shape of the diamond, you're gonna get superior hold and control out of this mesh. And because of the diamond and texture, the amount of hold that you'll have is crazy considering it's not gonna give you any excess width. It's just the mesh being able to actually grip the ball little bit better. But fantastic, fantastic feel in my hands. I'll try to get like right in there so you can see it. There's the smooth side and then there's the rough side. Again cross weave. And this fiber stuff, like I said it's a three part system. So you have the mesh, the strings and the shooters all made with the same fiber, working together as a single system available in individual pieces. But best placed when put together. Really nice and simple stuff. And that's pretty much the mesh. So guys this is the Fiber System from Throne Lacrosse. Go ahead and check this out at and thanks for watching.