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In this video Ned Crotty goes over some details on the Throne Lite Mesh and gives some insight on his partnership with Throne Lacrosse.

Transcript of the video:
When it comes to lacrosse equipment, in my opinion, there's really nothing more important than your pocket. And so that's why for me, it was a no-brainer signing on with Throne. They're constantly pushing the lacrosse fronts with product, media, and culture. And so I met up with Joe at my first [inaudible 00:00:18] commercial shoot. Started talking about different things that they were doing and obviously talked about Throne Lite. Throne Lite for me is everything that I'm looking for in a piece of mesh. It's softer, it's lighter, it's stronger, and it's made of a new construction, ballistic nylon. So it's weatherproof. And the first time I started using it was actually at our first training camp this year with a blizzard, and it was snowing out. My pocket was totally fine. Oftentimes, the pocket will harden in the cold. Mine didn't. And from that time until our first game, the weather got progressively warmer, and my pocket stayed the same. At no point did I have to change it or tighten the sidewalls or anything. And after the first game, I found Joe, shook his hand, told him that I wanted to be in, because Throne had done something that no other piece of mesh I'd ever used was able to do. I'm pumped to be a part of Throne, and really excited for the journey ahead.