Video of TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video the Trice from explains the TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with and today we're breaking down TRUE's Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. I've got a ton of details for you. Let's jump right into it. All right guys, so right here, I got the TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 composite attack Lacrosse shaft and before we get into too much of the detail, I want you to take a look right here as I throw it up on the scale. With an end cap she is tipping the scales right there at an even six ounces. In the hand, it's a very nice feeling shaft. I'll try to get up close real quick. Right there, you can see the grip that's on the grip. It's a really nice feeling grip, in fact, TRUE says that this increases the surface lubricity of the shaft. So when you need to slide your hand into place it will do so easily but with just a little bit of force, it would come to a screeching halt, right where you want your hands to be. Which is great because this is gonna be effective in all-weather climates which is huge. But just coming down the graphics on the shaft, you will notice it's only available in this black and blue color tone but I'll get really close so you can see just what you've got here. So you can see that grip in there, nice Comp LZ 6.0 graphic with a big, big TRUE beside it and as we move up, you'll see this variable flex technology, I'll get more into that later but there's a one at the head, a six right in the mid and down by your end cap here a nine, and then here is the stripe indicating the beginning of the loading zone and then this is up where your head would be. It's actually a blue weave carbon fiber that's proprietary to TRUE. But there is a lot more to that, again I'll get more into that. Nice little TRUE logo there with the fine texture and as we flip it over, you got the TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 and then that really big signature, I'll flip it so you can read it. Big signature outline TRUE down the rest of the shaft. But to get into the details here, let me start off with this right here. So variable flex technology. What that states, is that on this shaft at the head is a stiffness level one, which is the stiffest. Then in the mid you got a six and at the end cap, you have a nine. Nine being a more flexible, six being a slightly less flexible and again the head being a one, being very stiff. And what this does, is as you shoot, the shaft would actually bend and then snap back and the head is accelerated by that and what that is called is the loading zone, as you can see right here, again LZ. But this is actually the first shaft to come with the variable flex technology and like I said it obviously has the three separated flex zones there and that's gonna give you the feel of a composite shaft for that snap that you're looking for. But the head being very stiff up top gives you the consistency of an alloy so you know when you shoot, you know, you're looking for that top right corner, looking to snipe the corner. It's not gonna flex and go off on you, it's gonna go right where you want it to but it's gonna snap like a composite. So you get the feel of a composite shaft with the consistency and accuracy of an alloy shaft. Again that head receives a great amount of acceleration from the snapping of the shaft coming back to its natural position and they do that with a lot of different techniques. Layering of the carbon fiber in specific ways. Again this blue carbon fiber, that's not a graphic, that carbon fiber is has blue fibers in it and that's again proprietary to TRUE and only to TRUE. But there's a lot of awesome techniques to go into the Comp LZ 6.0 and all of those come in at a really affordable price range. So you have a terrific value and even greater price range which is awesome because this makes it a high end shaft that's available for everybody. But it's a really nice feeling shaft, nice end cap here, let me get that focused for you, there you go, nice big TRUE end cap. And then the face, the profile of the shaft is your, you know, typical octagonal with minor concaves in these facets. Really nice, classy, clean and again only available in this black and blue color tone here. All right guys, so that wraps up your overview on the TRUE Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. If you like the video, please don't be shy, go ahead throw me a like. If you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I try to always have fresh content for you. I got a link right over here to take you straight to so you can check out all the other cool stuff that I got. Or if you want to, take a look at these two videos to look at any of the other TRUE shaft videos that I've got taken care for you all ready. I believe it should be the 6.0 SC-TI alloy or the 4.0 alloy. Go ahead and check those out. As always thanks for watching and have a great day.